Mimic Live Fire

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Okay I love Conor and if Aldo Frankie and Chad weren’t at 145 he would be my boy because of what he does and how he sees the art. Let’s be honest he’s avoiding Frankie or at least the UFC is avoiding matching him up with the original Golden Boy. He beat Chad in the 2nd round because Chad trained for like 10 days maybe on short notice which is laughable really. Aldo is a well rounded and balanced leg kicker and extremely good at Dutch style Kickboxing and Muay Thai, as Duane Ludwig has said Conor hasn’t faced that and someone that’s a ghost on the mat as well. So all that being said Conor is still top 5 in the division no doubt about it. What gives me pause when people start criticizing the guy is how intelligent his training ethos is thanks to Adam Kavanaugh. Upgrading the software without breaking the hardware, are words to live by. Now I’ve touched on the play sparring principles already very Thai very modern very cool alright now for a faster more close to reality drilling.

Live fire on the mitts is damn near the best of both worlds pad work and getting used to the speed and impact of real shots while being able to stay technically sound. There’s a pattern and a method to the madness, it’s not just a bunch of random shots just like a regular combination one movement leads to another and so on and so on. Guillermo Rigondeaux, Roman Gonzalez, Mayweather, and Andre Ward all do it for boxing and all of them have great defense different defense but still great defense. The key to it is the pad holder how good are there and how fast are they if you’ve got a slow holder, the shots you’ll see coming a mile away. If your person is just mean and wants to wail on you with no rhyme or reason you need a new camp because you’re better off with live sparring to be honest. It all needs to be drill based catch the jab step back from the cross turn the angle off the hook to the body return with a 1, 2 elbow block wild hook catch the hook to the head return with the short 2 and lead uppercut pivot out so on and do on. Live fire means live reaction so simulating live fire means detailed reaction with then becomes my favorite phrase habit or second nature reprograming a reaction for a new goal. So coaches have fun with this one fighters it may suck for a second but the benefits are to good to pass on honestly.

-Later Folks and Family


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