Micheal “Venom” Page

Snake Oil or is this A DAMN COBRA?


Up in Coming with Real Superstar presence is putting it lightly this Brit is nuthing ta F with unless you’re in the top 10 in the UFC…Maybe, I see a Raymond Daniels comparison, Page has a incredible PKA resume that can’t be ignored because of his lead striking ability he doesn’t wait he sucks you in and does the old trick of getting you over extended and landing a devastating shot the comes seemingly out of nowhere. If you can avoid leading with him you feel safe or so many analyst thought, because the knock on PKA is the continuous nature of an actual fight versus landing and resetting people believed that Venom would fall victim to that hitch in his style. He proved everyone wrong if you were thinking that way, he’s figured out a nice blend he can swarm and then force his target to get sloppy and once that happens it’s over because he’s waiting for an over extension and then boom it’s over. He may not be the prettiest because he relies on his athleticism but because he’s fighting good to average level opposition in Bellator, and he can easily get away with it which shows his level and potential.

Now for the knock, it’s all based in speculation and previous history of Bellator. Page is good like very very good and his timing is spectacular. What happens once he gets to the higher level like championship fights in Bellator or fighting top talent in the UFC what then? At 170 there are a bunch of killers like Condit, Rory, Woodley, Kelvin, that wild mofo Lawler, and maybe even G.S.P, what happens when athleticism either gets beat by superior athletic ability? Or when he faces a technician that could give a damn about his PKA ability and is a better Kickboxer Wonderboy… or a Boxer with Monster BJJ and Wrestling game cough cough (Rory McDonald might be coming). Only time will tell and I can’t wait to watch this story unfold.
-Later Folks and Family


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