Feeling Froggy then JUMP: Hopping Sidekick

Hopping Sidekick


She Nows What’s UP lol

“Like Water my friend” or in my case “Like a Butterfly”

Be it TKD Kung Fu Karate or whatever deeply rooted traditional form of self defense and expression somewhere in there is a sidekick or some type of push kick. Now because MMA has exposed the truth from the fiction the rebuilding of style like TKD and Karate can take place (since Kung Fu leadership seem to be stuck in there on way growth has been throttled). All that political stuff aside we figured out along time ago that the sidekick and the Teep or front push kick was the best way to do it. With performances by Uriah Hall Jumping turning side kicking Gegard Dead and then ending it with a fatality like flying knee, just goes to prove that merging the non fiction from the modern era of MMA with the Traditional deep roots of Martial Arts is only going to create a new better way. So how do you get good at it, well you drill the basics folks and family. There’s something about hopping and jumping that makes everything better Hip Hop and Martial Arts who would have thought it lol.


So the better way in MMA to fire off the lead leg is a hopping side kick. Think of Bruce Lee’s famous Side Kick from Fist of Fury or the Big Boss. That SH!T is real no buts or what ifs it’s reality. The side kick he throws is very sloppy by today’s standards but it had all 135 pounds of him plus every square pound of force he could was behind that lead leg. What makes Bruce’s kick sloppy is he hops but doesn’t bring the knee straight up, something I’ve touched on in my how to of the basic sidekick. He instead skips his lead leg out like he was swinging the leg up instead of forcing it out like a piston from the jump. Don’t get me wrong Bruce was technically sound outside of that, he would chamber his leg at the knee, once his leg became perpendicular to the ground. Once there he fires out that leg and extends his upper body back so he ends up parallel to the ground looking like a T if you look at the movement in a over exaggerated manner.


Now the T is very important for the hopping sidekick the long part of the T represents your base the the stationary non kicking leg upon which you hop forward with. The upper body and kicking leg are the top part are represented by the top part of the T. That’s how the potential of that kinetic energy is efficiently transferred from the generator and into the target with any sidekick, I can’t understate the importance of it with the hopping sidekick. When you hop then plant the rear leg and strike with the lead leg you have to create as much damage as possible while not sacrificing the kick so you have to extend backwards from the waist. Sage does it the best along with Wonderboy, but Northcutt is on a different level.   

So how do we get froggy with it?


  1. While bringing that lead leg up with the knee straight up.
  2. When that knee comes up at its peak you need to hop forward or hop in place with that rear leg.
  3. With no give in that rear leg plant it like a tree or a metal pole in the ground.
  4. From here on it’s the traditional side kick
  5. To fire the kick your going to twist the kick out like you turn the thumb down on a straight punch.
  6. Twist the lead leg and turn out or pivot out the planted leg
  7. Check out my Sidekick and PKA posts for more resources on the merging of the two worlds –




That’s all Folks and Family have fun watch some fights Boxing MMA Muay Thai BJJ, Judo K-1

-Butterfly OUT! Folks and Family


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