Can She Live?


Words of wisdom we need people more like the two ladies above then more reality stars.

Hey ladies and parents of young ladies, I’m sure a lot of you have seen the Ronda Rousey Holly Holms Promo that the UFC has put together. I can say with everything in me if that promo didnt change your mindset about womens fighting I don’t know what will. Along with an exciting promo comes the dilemma of what you let you daughter or son do. Well if your child likes striking introduce them to TKD for about 2 years at a young age, then Boxing, and Muay Thai during High School. If you’re already in High School or older pick one of the 3 you feel most comfortable doing off the jump. Now if you’re dealing with a child and they want to be the next Ronda immerse them in Judo and BJJ and let them grow in that area. If you’re older jump into Judo or BJJ you’re never too old to learn or participate in submission grappling or Judo.

 Training_muaythai_Phetjeeja_Ormeekhun_Super_kicks Training_muaythai_Phetjeeja_Ormeekhun_Super_kicks (1)

Don’t let the stigma of physical striking intimidate you be it because you’re a parent or a child that sees Muay Thai or Boxing as a super testosterone filled Martial Arts. It’s not that at all it’s a beautiful art form look at Gina Carano, it’s a beautiful art form and my favorite they’re all based in reality there’s no fake Martial Arts here no snake oil. Check out this video of this girl hitting pads and ask yourself how much better would you sleep knowing your child mainly the (daughter) could hand themselves. I know my parents slept easy knowing that and worried less and less over time of me getting injured during training mainly because my dad was my boxing coach for a number of years. Peep the gif, check out the video, think about the Ronda Holms Promo and ask yourself “why would I tell my daughter to look up to them but deny them a tool they used to accomplish their goals.”    

-Later Folks and Family  


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