THE Wrestler

 Jose_Aldo_vs_Chad_Mendes_2_highlights BANG_Muay_Thai_Team_Alpha_Male_Highlights

It’s fun to watch guys with no crazy high level technical striking knowledge learn striking at that kind of level well into their career. I wrote what feels like a book comparing the best foot at 135 which involves to wrestlers go figure lol. To a laymen that wouldn’t really mean anything, but what’s noteworthy about this is the wrestler usually becomes high level in BJJ. They usually stay rudimentary or fundamental in there striking. This was the old way of things, now it’s known that footwork reigns over power and wrestling because as shown by Cruz, DJ, TJ if you can’t find them you can’t take them down.        

Wrestlers need footwork more than anyone really. What, what for? Look at what the essence of wrestling in the cage is. Taking an opponent down, now punching someone is easy in comparison because the speed of a fist is faster than the speed of someone diving in at the base of a person. Now the high level wrestlers all no how to either press forward or jerk and step you see the wrestlers that make the jump to MMA and become high level develop the striking ability but rarely do they develop the footwork but the new crop of wrestlers and other grapplers are making the jump look at Werdums striking its high level and so is Mighty Mouse, Ian McCall, Dominick Cruz, RDA, Lawler, and TJ Dillashaw. So if you’re a wrestler start learning your own jigs and movement on the feet because it will pay off when you’re trying to mix or transition smoothly in between striking and grappling combinations.

The question I get in contrast to my footwork plea is what if you’re the grinder kind of wrestler that’s just a bulldozer. To that I say someone will either tap you, KO you, or beat you easily early in your career because just because you believe your Billy Bad Ass means nothing i site Luke Rockhold vs Jacqure as evidence of this.

-Later Folks and Family.


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