Mobility is Key to Life

Everyone should be doing BJJ


BJJ or just submission grappling is so crazy evolved in my idea simply because of the stressing of mobility training that the old legend guard and the new blood of lions live by. From the Eddie Bravos of the world that have and present the power of leg dexterity the control, then God figures like Rickson Gracie that present the crazy yoga ability, dexterity, and breathing. What’s wild when you look at that community is the evolution of the balance of grappling technique and optimization on the key factors of the body.

So why should everyone do BJJ, other than the mental stuff but I factor BJJ as the highest application of constant yoga. It’s so transparent in the goal that’s set and its known that its untouchable the technique can always improve the body movement can all improve everything is improvable. So everyone join figure it out and join the communities mobility wise and fun combat wise.

-Later Playa’s I’m off to Roll


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