Rushing Progress Inhibits Meaningful Progress

What is progression meaning the workout term life term etc. everything revolves around this simple word what is it? Why do motivational talkers always press and preach progress and always making progress, simply to get better at whatever the goal is I guess. So what’s progression to me, since I’m a fitness person and martial arts person I tend to over analyse things hence the Inhibit part of the title. I see something done in the cage then I must drill the move to learn it that was the old mindset around 12 years old I figured out the secret to life in my opinion. I figured out what Progress in Progression is at the core.

So what is it well let’s start with Progression, a progression is the journey to a to b of a certain goal. Simple enough but what i have found to be the problem in the gym is people want the quickest way to the goal but when they do that the goal they were looking for is not as good as it should have been. For example you want to get stronger in a certain movement like a head kick, well if you cut corners in flexibility or reps of leg curls or GHD’s your kick won’t be fast, high enough, and it will be telegraphed the whole time so you maybe able to reach the head but the kick is so diluted by what you have not done. Get it if you rush the progression of events nothing will come out the way you want, this idea of microwave results are so wrong only thing good for a microwave is reheating a meal you’ve already cooked or o make baked sweet potatoes nothing else.

So now for my philosophical take on progress as a whole, if you look at a progression there are little things you get good at or develop mastery of and the pile up and then when you get to the end game those mastered things become one to give you your end result. It’s a big talking point in crossfit and lifting communities because it’s easy to quantify movements under a load. If you lift this amount over time your max at the same movement will go up or a longer progression muscle ups if you are doing more strict pull ups and practicing a hollowed position etc then the muscle up is easier to obtain but the larger part of progress is once one thing is meet progression in anther movement can be added onto what you just did. So take the muscle up again the muscle up the lends itself to being able to snatch a clean pull your  body weight more efficiently and easier. The meaning of progress is similar to infinity because it’s infinitely growing and vast, you can never stop progressing unless you just stop whatever you’re doing. Progress and mastery are products of one another and since mastery doesn’t mean you stop learning because that’s what real mastery is its constant progression.

So what are you going to do rush and make mistakes and bad habits, or move and make constantly great progress and mastery of the tools you need to master everything as a whole.
-Later Folks and Family


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