Float Like That Kid Butterfly, Playa

How to Float it starts with the TOES Playa

 Muhammad_Ali_Tribute_Gorilla_Productions (1) Dominick_Cruz_Highlights

As everyone knows at least I’m making that assumption but footwork is one of my favorite thing in the world. My other favorite thing was once seen as a bad habit but know everythings fair game that thing is the advanced principles and understanding that we have of the immense power and dexterity that the lower plane of our mobility is based on that would be the toes feet ankles and calves. It’s where the explosive power starts and what you land on first to absorb that shock of the explosive movement of your entire body think sprinters, football players (both US and Worldly), Olympic lifters, Basketball, Volleyball, etc everything with any kind of lower body explosion in its movements is connected to this theory of movement. Take the Great One Ali he was so damn lite on the feet because he would run on the toes, jump rope on the toes, run backwards; he would jump around even more during sparring for 15 rounds all the time even more then what he did during a real bout. That was his prime when Ali was the world beater he was always on the toes to strengthen that energy system and mobility building up a second sense on the toes.   

Now a Nick Carson and the Marinovich’s made the groundbreaking steps in MMA with BJ Penn and RDA most notably, because of their explosive movements and cardio that allowed them to push and push without hitting a ceiling while their opponents would gas or break. With that being said I believe in a lot of their principles but I won’t say that other things they don’t implement dont work either. Front squats or squat clean and jerks are great movements for strengthening the quad and hamstring secondarily, and fast movements at a moderate weight do carry over to athletics. As well as barbell rows and other rowing movements, I get that the movement is lateral in its targeting when you pile on pull ups and cleans and snatches where your pull or row movement heavy. However movement specialist like Julien Pineau who come from a long line of powerlifting and olympic lifting as well as sport athletic lineages from Europe he made it pretty plain and simple just like the Russians and Chinese they use implementation to balance the energy sytems out so if your pull or row heavy programming a bench press (shudder and shake if you must) is what will balance that out going over head with a strict press or a yoke will balance you out and make you stronger. Balancing the systems is my goal and a I pull for all the best, so increase foot ankle and calves strength and mobility there and you will really float like a butterfly.

So what the plan well that you can get by signing up for our performance based programming (check out AOC Wreck Shop), but to put it simply all the best and researched and implemented movements and programming from Pool based Plyometrics to hard Triathlon prepping road work for cardio and recovery. Everything has something to contribute so why would I be close minded. My ideas of conditioning based primarily for Mixed Martial Arts an Art based on mixing of styles that work can then turn around and say nope no mixing ideas styles that conflict, if we know anything it’s that conflicting styles merged together become the most impressive and beautiful.

-Later Folks and Family


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