AOC Wreck Shop

Don’t Trip the Shops Open for Business

 CrossFit_WOD_120213_Demo_Front_Squat giphy


Time To Wreck Shop, AOC’s fitness/ weight-loss/ weight-gain programming is open for business. What I’m going to do is the new thing of online programming I will be available for contact via facebook, skype, email, text, etc. Will be programming based on a rotational mesocycle basically 6 months training cycles nothing shorter than a month. Everything is based on strengthening the full body in every movement. Movements that transfer over in everything is the real goal, so when you’re squatting to pick something up your position is strong at every point reducing the chance of injury as well as making you strong in everything you do. The workout isn’t the only thing either we will be doing meal plans week by week upon request, they will be sent out every sunday including a shopping list and instructions. Now of course what’s the cost? Yeah I know if you’re good at something don’t do it for free.

The Cost

Workout Programming:

$25.00 for a 1 month start-up Plan

$35.00 for a 60×12 Change Plan

$40.00 for High Performance Programming

$55.00 for Weight-loss Start-Up 4 month Programming

$55.00 for the Weight-gain Start-Up 4 month Programming

$125.00 for a year long plan for Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Performance,etc.


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