Measure For Your Shots, HOW SWAY?

Use your Ruler for Once there built in


So how should you measure distance, well you want to be sneaky about it if you allow your target to realize that you’re measuring by taking steps back or sliding or repeatedly feinting they will catch on quickly to what’s going on. So what to do what to do you want to get your distance but if you’re not careful your target will move and you’ll have to follow and start over again from a different distance.

So instead of feinting and throwing a repeating jab which makes your intentions obvious to a half knowledgable combatant, instead run a slow basic combination the 1, 2, 1 or 2, 1, 2, 1. Why this simple the cubans have had ridiculous success with this method of data collection. Well why, because it gets a reaction from the target if they step in on the jab then the counter over the top is there if they are hesitant then stepping and launching the cross  or the 1,2 is there. If they don’t bite until the third shot then my favorite and a Cuban special is available the uppercut.

This isn’t simply a boxing thing either you can measure your kicking distance as well. Take a leg kick for instance you know you need to be within jabbing range to land a proper leg kick, so measure with the combination and if you need a slide or step and kick. It’s all about knowing your range, the rule of thumb I stick to (kind of) is that two stepping jabs is out of range. A cross is a perfect leg kick distance and any front leg kick is a heir off a jabs length. Measure on the bag and run the combinations you use the most and figure out your sweet spots like how close was the jab when you landed the head kick on the bag.

 Cuban_Boxing_School_Starring_Guillermo_Rigondeaux_Erislandy_Lara_and_Julio_Cesar_la_Cruz (1) Cuban_Boxing_School_Starring_Guillermo_Rigondeaux_Erislandy_Lara_and_Julio_Cesar_la_Cruz

Take a look at Guillermo Rigondeaux measure and set a trap at the same time. After a while you’ll become some what like a savant like Teofilo Stevenson and the distance will just appear and you’ll know it with having to guess or measure until then be a technical wizard and measure and spin the web of death for your target.

-Later Folks and Family


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