Hide your Kids Hide your Wife the Goats Training


 Jon_Jones_Coco_Highlight_2015_fixed_music (3) Jon_Jones_Coco_Highlight_2015_fixed_music (2)

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“Lets Talk About it Then”

Jons back he dealt with the legal stuff took a plea deal and has zero travel restrictions and is on a probationary period where he has to make appearances at the boys and girls club. That’s enough I guess, cough cough for hitting a women while baked (giving marijuana a bad name). Well anyway I’m no lawyer or legal counsel, and my moral compass isn’t so skewed that I can t forgive the guy, he made his mistakes and needs to make a change for himself and family that’s the end of it what he does isn’t affecting me negatively or positively contrary to what some fans will think he’s his own man and you are your own person.

So to end the outside of fighting talk Jon I’m thinking may be pissed at himself and the UFC for stripping him and may go off in the cage like we haven’t seen before he’s been training and living in New Mexico and Winkeljohn and Greg Jackson have been going hard on him putting him through the gauntlet. Now take that for what it is the gauntlet for the freak amongst freaks is training at 9000 gravity for the average person. So know the guy that DC couldn’t takedown and the guy that beat Gus while basically not training is coming back training at 100% with something to prove to himself and to lesser point the world. Mindset is a big factor here why, because we know that Jon has the ability and skill to beat anyone. Remember this is a guy that beat the legends each and everyone of them in spectacular fashion, he’s left a road of broken bodies on his journey.

With all the matchup talks being about DC (who I love but realize is the interim title holder in reality) and his next fight be it Bader or whoever is whatever in the case of legit belts and rankings, because Jon beat everyone but Rumble post to post corner to corner. Lets not forget the guy has masterful takedown defence, clinch efficiency, pocket fighting, long range striking, submission game, and hearts coming back. Jons case is a lot different then a lot of lay stories because he hasn’t been out for two years and didn’t get injured so the skills aren’t rusty and wouldn’t be considering the fighter like Cruz said rust is only because of a lack of proper training & sparring.  
From looking at his training lately and the fact that his social media is now private hes harkening back to the Jon that was about to fight Shogun. He’s going to work twice as hard the everyone even though he’s a freak athletically he’s not about to rely on it; Jon’s going to embrace that grinder mentality and come out with a 2.0 version nobody will be ready for and might make me contemplate my P4P rankings maybe even sliding Mighty Mouse back to #2. I can’t wait to see Johnny Bones Jones volume 2 hit the cage with self vengeance and affirmation in his heart, love a comeback story lol.

-Stay Chill Folks and Family


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