Creating A Nasty Lead Hook

Nasty left hook to the Body

 Round_of_the_Year_Cotto_Martinez Floyd_Mayweather_vs_Diego_Corrales_highlights

“That’s a Bad Left Hook LOL”

A old fact of striking be it Boxing, K-1, or Muay Thai the lead hook to the body is a tool that has put many a world champion on the canvas. Keeping it as tight as possible turning the hip over and digging the punch into the liver, head, or rib. Take a look at Floyd back when he was Pretty Boy, his left hook as fat free with zero slop in the movement. He takes a step brings the arm up shoots it out like a jab and once he starts extended he turns the hip and shoulder over landing clean and with every thing without making himself open to a counter. Now that’s one way of doing it that’s fast and delivers without the high risk of getting countered. Now for that earth shattering world beater hook to the body like Cotto and Bernard Hopkins, this variation or style of lead hooks is a sit down hip turning fist dragging punch. It’s a lunch pail variation, you step getting wide sit down on the punch turning the lead hip over shift the weight across the center line. The left hook to the body is targeted to the liver, and if you’ve ever been hot to the liver you know that if  you get hit there it’s a system shutdown. The result of getting hit with a solid shot to the body is like a computer when a plug get pulled out you drop to the ground in pain the muscles spasms and breathing becomes impossible. Take getting the air knocked out of you put you can’t recover.

How to Instructional

  1. Step In
  2. Target the Area
  3. Keep the arm tight as Possible
  4. Extend the arm before Hooking It
  5. Turn the hip over (or sit down and then turn the hip over)
  6. Pull from the known throwing shoulder and force it back while throwing
  7. After you land down let the hand drag down bring it straight back like you return after a jab
  8. Slip and pivot away

Be Like #FreeNickDiaz and touch somebody to the head and body with sneaky lead hook, why don’t ya.

-Stay Chill Folks and Family


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