The Difference Between Me and You

Whats the difference?

Shawn_Jordan_vs_Ruslan_Magomedov (1)

“Well I’ll tell you what that K-1 level Striking Homie”

The difference between Shawn And Rustlan was that K-1 level striking. It was clear and in in abundance on saturday night question mark kick after question mark kick fluid  jabs and jab  lead hooks before a lead round house. It was something special that’s for sure. DC and the fellas at AKA have been talking this guy up for sometime and I’m not surprised by this performance. He’s a technical nightmare for anyone because he’s just so far and ahead of everyone with the striking, add in that he trains with two of the best wrestlers at 205 and Heavyweight means it’s going to be a bull taking him down technically and with straight power. Shawn did get him on his butt against the cage but couldn’t secure the TD and in the scramble got locked up in a kimura attempt from Ruslan which says to me he has a Sambo background. Going back to the striking the things I’ve been saying on this blog came to fruition in the cage a lot of lead leg head kicks and leg kicks with the question mark kick accompanying it, beautiful display of rear movement boxing. I loved every minute of it while others were booing or saying he keeps going back, while I was saying yeah and he’s hitting Shawn and Shawn’s wiffing at air.

The difference at some point in time becomes the striking, after a couple of showings in the cage. In the beginning it the grappling because it’s so apparent if the grappling is a miss match but once some demonstrates and average level of grappling defense then the striking starts to take over. Look at each division champ first they were highly touted grappler  be it from BJJ wrestling Judo or there takedown defense is very good. Then look at  the striking ability or how they  use it to get the fight to the ground (cough cough Ronda). This is MMA and you need both and the years of having just one or the other is truly over thank god lol. That’s a wrap I love K-1 so that’s what I’m gonna watch on the YouTubes, I’ll catch ya’ll later.

-Later Folks and Family


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