Bader The Boxer?

Yep nobody saw this coming lol


So I called this one wrong I didn’t think Baders striking improved that much but I and countless others were dead wrong. Bader looked like a savant with the jab and shovel uppercut he landed over and over again on Rashad. I didn’t see the same quickness and hand speed from Rashad which may be a reason for his lackluster return performance. We aren’t taking anything away from Bader his striking game has hit a new level, the jab was crisp like a hundred dollar bill but that wasn’t all. It’s one thing to have a nice jab but like the 1960 Cuban Olympic teams all know is that footwork on the outside is the real key to using the jab in the proper fashion from the outside. Bader wasn’t moving like Ali or anything he was using proper back step and pivot technique similar to Mayweather cutting the corner against Pacman. While Rashad pushed forward Bader dots him with 2 jabs waits extends with a blinder or a jab and sneaks a 2 or a shovel 6 right under Rashad’s lead arm. It was a joy to watch even though I was pulling for Shad to make a dominant return. Real recognizes real when it’s presented and that’s what happened.

Now the next matchup for Bader is the #1 Contender Anthony Johnson who I’ll roll with until the wheels come off. AJ’s takedown defense keeps improving he learned from his bout with DC. AJ’s not coming off a two year lay off lol, and his Kickboxing skills technical minus the power are still ahead of Baders watch the slo mo of his Gus fight and you’ll see what I mean. It wasn’t a head butt he landed the punch first, AJ slips the kick by springing backwards and steps forward with a big rear hook. If Bader starts moving away from AJ I see it being a short night, then again he could be hiding something and prove me wrong again but I think I’m pretty solid with this one. So that’s about it a wonderful showing from Bader and more craziness to follow in the 205 division, did I mention that Jon Jones is cleared to apply for a license plus he’s training dun dun dun but he might be eyeing the HEAVY WEIGHTS now.

-Peace Folks and Family I’m Audi 5000


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