UFC 192 was great; however

UFC 192 was an incredible card Sage knocked it out for the PKA squad me included lol, Joseph B provide he’s still top tier at 125 Pena grew in a victory over Jessica Eye, Ruslan proved that Russians aren’t normal white people lol, Bader made it over the humping impressive fashion, and DC one an all around fight with Gus had that one 4-1 DC.

The big long creative and dominant elephant in the room is that Jon Jones is done with his legal stuff with zero travel restrictions. Was it just me or was every light heavyweight on the card beat by Jon Jones, think about that. Jon comes back and beats DC 4-1 again, and then moves to Heavyweight to fight Cain comes back down to face whoever is there at LH. It’s a quagmire really the guy never lost and will comeback and beat the breaks off everyone remember DC tonight pulled a solid HIGH CROTCH but against Jon he couldn’t get a takedown until round 5. In the collar tie Jon won that exchange and from the mid and long range. Gus is still Jones worst match up because of Gus ability to create distance a close on it rapidly. Since Gus got beat tonight and AJ I don’t see that fight in the near future. That’s the weird part of this whole thing, when your p4p number 1 fighter ever does some nonsense and removes himself from the division and everything goes up in the air. It’s nice to see a premier matchup at 205 that’s not based on creating a match up for Jon but just creating the best match possible which was done with DC and Gus tonight.

-Later Folks and Family


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