Daniel Cormier vs Alexander Gustafsson


“Its gonna be a Good Day”

DC’s first title defense at Light Heavyweight and Gustafssons chance to get that belt. With Jon out of the picture the Light Heavyweight division on paper is wide open. Really however there’s only a couple of contenders out there Rumble, Gus, Rashad, and Glover in that order. Rumble beat Gus emphatically. Rashad can definitely beat Gus but has to prove he’s back in a big way while Glover is the dark house who need to get back to his old self because performing like he did against OSP will lead to a short night for him against any of these killers. DC vs Rumble or Rashad later on is my dream because Rashad is no novice at grappling and is a faster smooth striker if the lay off hasn’t effected him, while Rumble who’s improving still has that heavyweight KO power in every limb. Well this isn’t a division breakdown so let’s get to the fight.

Alright then, this bout is an important fight for both guys a redemption fight and validation fight for DC. IF DC can beat Gus in impressive fashion by a stoppage of some kind or by winning by unanimous decision then he can claim to being on par with Jones by doing something Jon couldn’t do by beating Gus in a better fashion. For Gus however this is a big redemption moment to but him back in the best of the best at 205 talks. After that crazy KO at the hands of Rumble he needs a impressive top 5 win to kind of erase that from people’s minds and by beating DC that would give him the belt he believes he should have won against Jon. By winning he sets himself to fight Rumble again to erase that loss from his record. If Gus can maintain the distance while using his more Dutch Kickboxing in the mid range and long range then he can when. Now getting into a close quarters slug match is not warranted with DC look at that Big Country and Bigfoot fight he loves the inside game be it with the collar tie or just straight Kickboxing. Alexander keeps him off shoots one or to take downs to keep DC honest, and plays the waiting game before he launches a bomb on DC.

So the breakdown keys to victory for these guys, it’s pretty simple. DC needs to set up his single or high crotch with his hands like he did in Strikeforce against the bigger guys like Josh Barnett and Bigfoot Silva. Smooth 1,1, 3, 2 combinations with leg kicks mixed in. Opening the wrestling is key because once on the ground Gus has a decent sub game but the pressure and striking on the ground of DC is a different level then he’s use to. Grind from the top and take Gus out. Now for Gus it’s couldn’t be more different, taking DC down like he did to Jones is ill advised because DCs not just a wrestler he got a brown belt in BJJ so even if he gets him down what then? So don’t think about doing it do what Jon did to DC that’s the game plan, or blueprint if you will. Stay out of range and use the superior striking and distance control create space in the mid and long range. Close that distance with straight strikes and disappear while DC hits air in retaliation. Systematic striking is key for Gus to walk out with the belt. I really have no clue who wins this fight because the styles are such a toss up, but I’m roll-in with DC on this one.

-Later Folks and Family  


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