To Lions Going At It

Ryan Bader vs Rashad Evans

 Fightland_Meets_Rashad_Evans Ryan_Bader_vence_Ovince_St_Preux

“Lets Do This THANG” 

Interesting fight at light heavyweight, with the weight classes injection of new blood and crazy story lines the old guys have a real shot at making a run for the belt. Ryan’s been talking preetyl loud about Rashad since he’s been on a rather long lay off due in large part to injuries. Ryans saying Rashad looks out of shape and is too old to compete with him, this could be further from the truth. The reality is that Ryan’s fundamental striking has improved but it’s not anywhere close to Sugas. The Henri Hooft namic over in Florida is strong he has world class Dutchmen coming in to train and Tyrone Spong is one of Rashad’s main training partners. Take a look at the opposition in Ryan Baders camp none of the striking pedigree but there’s a slew of Arizona State product wrestlers there and CB Dollaway that will definitely be helping Bader see some good looks and strong kicks that Rashad will be using in the cage. Wrestling will be Baders best beat but if he can’t get Rashad down and keep him there which nobody has shown the ability to do for sometime then it turns into a stand up war with one of the fastest and slipperiest Light Heavyweights ever.

So How can this thing break for both guys, starting with Bader he has to initiate the pressure from the get go. No waiting no breaks the grind starts from the beginning to end. He has to run the pipe and get Rashad ships extremely off balance and get him done and grind him out. If it comes to striking on the feet it should be stay out of range when not exchanging and be in the clinch when exchanging mid range or long range is not going to be his friend with a guy that can close distance like Rashad. Keys for victory for Rashad are two part, don’t let Ryan grind which he loves to do keep it at a constant high pace from a range he likes. Rashad’s striking has improved by leaps and bounds and his grappling is still elite in the weight class I don’t see a sub but a crazy ground and pound moment like he had against Chael is definitely probable. Strike from the mid range be fast and relaxed maintain pressure and keep Ryan frustrated with the strikes. I’m taking my man Suga Rashad Evans by KO or TKO stoppage however I wouldn’t be surprised if Bader can make every round.

-There it is Folks and Family


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