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125 135 Super-fight Maybe a Rematch Instead

Dominick_Cruz_Highlights T_J_Dillashaw_s_Drop_Shift Demetrious_Johnson_Highlights (3)

“From Biggest to Smallest lol”

Just watched two of my favorite fighters in an early bout those two being Dominick Cruz vs Demetrious Johnson and I maintain what I said after watching the fight when it happened. It was interesting seeing the growth of Mighty Mouse since that title bout and how composed he was and how he put the world on notice when it came to his technical skill and cardio. His striking has expanded like the universe after the big band and his game has more suttle non tell nuances then Cruz funky footwork lol.Seeing these two fight is more interesting for me then a super bout between DJ and TJ. Why is that well simply put I think that Cruz vs Dillashaw is a huge mismatch in favor of Cruz. WHAT!!!!! said all the Alpha Male fans lol.

Yes I said it and there’s a reason why, because of what Doms been saying since TJ got the belt Cruz is looking for different looks when he’s fighting and TJ is looking to do a certain thing he’s not adjusting he hammering his plan all the way through while Dom is constantly adjusting. My point is proven in Doms fight with Mighty Mouse that belt was one sided striking and one sided grappling. Striking wise Dom was getting dotted up by the faster crisper Mouse and taking him down and using his size to keep him there and trying to grind him out or at least try to because we all found out that Mouse has what seems like 5 lungs and a F-1 hybrid engine for a cardio system. Now the adjustment Cruz made was i have to take this fool down now before he wins each round by out striking me. Now TJ I haven’t seen him do that, against Joe Soto who gave him more problems than people expected from a replacement fighter who was previously on the undercard on facebook I believe. Now don’t get  wrong TJ is a great fighter but he gets really into himself and if something’s not working his way like when Joe was dotting him up standing he doesn’t make the adjustment he just goes harder. That works against guys that are less skilled than you but against a guy who kind of started the trend in footwork that you know use that’s not something that anyone would advise. Cruz knows what TJ is trying to do because he’s already done it, think of it this way these guys are playing a game and Dom is on level 50 while TJ is on level 40, the game looks really similar but Dom already has the level ups from level 40 while TJ doesn’t even know about the level ups at 50. There’s just levels to this SH#! folks I’m sorry. Duane may have something to say about that because of the dutch influence on what Tj is doing but what can’t be ignored is the fact that every initiation that TJ does is based on the basic stutter or toe stance shift or drop that Cruz was doing in the WEC. The stories the same somewhat for the defence it’s heavily influenced on how Cruz slips out and around with a Mayweather influence with the straight punches coming right after the pull or slip.

You can’t ignore these things, when your base is built on what someone else kind of invented and never lost doing and is constantly working on and evolving he’s probably already figured out and forgot things that TJ hasn’t even thought about yet lol. Back to what I was talking about to begin with a triangle is forming between 125 and 135 because of the growth and technical superiority that DJ is showing over everyone in MMA, a rematch or just a super bout between him and the winner of the Cruz Dillashaw fight would be a very interesting bout. I think it would but the casual booing fan in the US on notice on how deadly and artist the MMA game is at a technical level at 125 and 135. I’m gonna watch FAber Cruz 2 now, hit me up later lol.

-Later Folks and Family


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