You think your the only World Class Athlete like Dana White was like when can only have one, miss with that man lol.

Henry Cejudos statement  proves how much growth he still has to do. Parts of it are correct mentioning his wrestling pedigree is no joke and his boxing is as well, nobody’s disputing that at all. However to speak as if he’s the only guy who treats themselves as a professional is just ridiculous. Look at the top guys they all fought at 135 and gave up significant reach height and weight advantages and DJ and Joseph both challenged the 135 King Dominick Cruz. Henry’s got to realize that throwing around this wrestling thing as if everyone at 125 doesn’t realize hes a gold medalist has to stop or lessen dramatically.

Why is that, because there are guys like DJ, Joseph, Scott Jorgensen, Sergio Pettis, and John Moraga who if on there back are dangerous as hell. Why because MMA has an infinite amount of moving parts just because you can clinch and apply pressure means very little if the threat of a black belt like submission is always there. There’s a reason after Dodson had DJ on the ground he stood up as DJ was triangling his right arm because the threat of an arm bar, oma plata, and triangle was to sudden and to real. If you clinch up with Joseph who wrestles with a guy at 155 who I’m guessing walks around at 167 or more, I assume your strength will be acknowledged and then Joey springs a Alpha Male Guillotine or Rear Naked on that ass and chokes you out.

 Demetrious_Johnson_Private_Workout UFC_188_Henry_Cejudo_Workout_Highlights

“Can You See the Difference in Skill Level HERE”

That’s all said to say this just because your pressure in the clinch is world class that means little when your boxing a is relatively recent yeah you won the bronze gloves but boxing and full on striking is a different world completely. When DJ switches stance on you and lands a smooth 1, Leg Kick, 2, 3, fakes the TD; then you decide to clinch up with him and he knees you like a Thai for the rest of the round and keeps coming until you eventual take him down and then he’s constantly threatening with the submission what then. He trains under a guy who was doing catch wrestling and innovating BJJ for MMA long before it was even underground. Matt Hume knows how to beat Henry and I’m assuming if it hits the mat the DJ either hits the arm bar like Fedor, sweeps like Matt the Wizard Hume back in the day and goes to his tried and true path of pass to knee on elbow to crucifix to kimora or whatever he wants really. Don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble or hate on Henry it’s juts he threw some shade like he was the second coming, let’s be clear the high level wrestlers that face the technical freaks that are great at everything and have shown to be a Roy Jones Jr esque like Ronda, Jon Jones, Demetrius, GSP have all shut down their competition by either neutralizing there wrestling or out right out wrestling them. Ronda did it to Sara and Meisha, Jon did it to Chael, Glover, and DC, DJ has done it to everyone, GSP did BJJ wise to Shields and Penn and out wrestled Hughes, Koscheck, and Fitch.

Don’t be so quick to make a forgone conclusion when the skill set that sets up the take down against are far more technical striker is lacking in comparison. More power means little if when you striking with your opponent he makes you wrong at every turn, then panic sets in as he dots you up constantly and drives his knee into your body and head i.e  DJ vs Dodson rounds 4&5 of the first fight. Could Henry win, definitely it’s a fight and everyone has a chance at winning when looking at technique, cardio, and skill demonstrated in the cage I give the edge to DJ because this is a wrestling competition something that plagues a lot of wrestlers when they don’t accept that this isn’t a battle of wrestling but a battle and a battle only.

If Henry proves in this upcoming fight to have improved his striking without it revolving on forcing power but a emphasis on technical application then I can see him making the Johnson fight more appealing. As it stands right now his boxing isn’t better his subs aren’t better his kickboxing isn’t better but his straight wrestling is better another question I have with that is his MMA wrestling up to par because we all know there’s a real difference demonstrated by Jon Jones and GSP (especially when Jon Dumped DC). What else need to be said don’t be loud and wrong about the shade you throw at the P4P King.

DJs know Renana who had glaring holes and has exposed by a guy that adopted a style from the unbeaten King at 135 and beat the hell out of him, nope this is totally different because this guys skills are virtuoso Mayweather Willie Pep like. The only holes are based on particulars within the BJJ community and Kickboxing communities on whether it’s warranted for him to throw such a high volume of strikes lol or if crossing his legs in the arm bar is proper in securing the sub. I’m really just sick of the trash talk from guys that haven’t shown any technical brilliance and want to downplay another fighter’s skill set. Real recognizes real if Henry has a good showing Ill breakdown how I could see him beating Mighty Mouse, but as of right now I see him getting backing up on one leg, kicked, dotted up with better boxing and kickboxing then he’s ever seen, Hell resort back to the wrestling maybe DJ beat him there maybe not. DJ ends up on his back and works from there immediately looking to sub and then if he can’t get one he sweeps or shrimps and get to the top and look for the kill. That will be it basically a combination of the Ali and Kyoji fights., so yeah have fun with that you can keep it.

-Later Folks and Family have a good day I’m off to roll     


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