Sleight of Hand


Pride’s MMA history is convoluted and spectacular all at the same time. A organization with some of the greatest to ever walk the earth, with a fair share of double fixed fights no drug testing. Some of the most beautiful technical work we have seen in MMA, the first top flight BJJ Heavyweights perfect Dutch striking. The great and the terrible is the history of Pride, the greatest of the great and maybe the greatest of all time Fedor. The crowned jewel of Pride and Strikeforce, there’s a reason that Jon Jones is the “Black” Fedor. He is the guy responsible for stopping legends in the tracks, but also for getting stopped by Werdum, Bigfoot, and Hendo. After those loses the mystique of a Fedor in the UFC vanished because of thought that if Bigfoot and Dan stopped him then Cain and JDS would make easy work of Fedor. The Emperor was dethroned, which was foreboding when compared to the end of Pride FC. When Pride collapsed or was slight of hand sold to UFC a video library it became evident that not everything happening in Japan was what it seemed. I’m not saying Fedor was feed fights or was on the right end of a fix. I’m just saying after the years of the powerhouse organization having the best fights and notoriety the engine finally blew up from redlining for so long. You can’t ignore the the engine warning lights in an organisation, and if a promotion is anything like its poster child; soon that “IT” person will tumble down the mountain. The UFC has Ronda and Conor as its image brash, real, innovative, and technical Sakakibara got Fedor back and is presumably building the Japanese organization on that old push of the Cyborg indestructible impenetrable indomitableness that was Pride and Fedor before they’re org and fighters were exposed to the world by the UFC in the legal room and in the cage. So what to expect, personally I envision some mismatched super esc fights for Fedor similar to his bout with Jeff Monson in Russia. Viacom and Japanese paychecks means a quick and huge money grab for anyone fighting for this promotion, but also risking their credibility if they’re truly not up to snuff as a fighter. I can’t wait to be perfectly honest with you it’s going to get very interesting.

Japan’s looking to revive the old age of incredible Bushido battles the crazy bee team will blow up out there. Begging the question whether a cross promotion bout between DJ and this Sakakibara promotion would be possible. Since 125s aren’t that popular in the US but in Asian it’s huge, taking the most technical and biggest market “Asia” and having massive bout in the Tokyo. That’s all assuming this promotion blows up and can compete with One FC out in that market. Also assuming that the ex Pride executive learned his lesson and will follow through with those agreements. It’s all up in the air and the super bouts that could happen and partnerships that could be made out in Asia with One FC, Super Fight League, etc are just mind boggling. I will probably lose sleep think about possible outcomes for a year from now. I leave you with this Pride FC never dies, they just sell and come back a decade later lol.

-Something about Japanese MMA Promotions


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