Power of Touch Sparring

The Touch


I’ve been preaching this forever and so have the Dutch and everyone got from who… those Thais. So what am I praising Conor for, well it’s simple when someone’s right or wrong I acknowledge it because it’s not a right or wrong thing it’s effective vs ineffective. The theory in MMA and in a lot of combat arts has been harder, faster, and more more more. Since folks like Bang Ludwig, Matt Hume, Winklejon, and everyone in Thailand have created Champions with this new popular theory. So what is it, simply put it’s touch sparring. What’s that, think flow sparring but a tad faster focusing on the real, accurate, techniques. That’s the base and Conor spoke the gospel when coaching his squad, a large volume of time should encompass this style of sparring. How much time, well take the amount of time you drill on pads and spar and commit about 60% to 75% of the same time to touch sparring.

Why should you, well because the science is behind it at a certain speed like the speed of touch sparring and up is pretty much all you need to be able to recognize a shot. When it comes to defense it’s all about recognizing a shot coming. The same can be said about offense, drilling movements (those being every shot and combination in the toolbox) is central to combat. What’s dominated the arts has been the heavy bag, pad, and heavy sparring work but if you hit the bag correctly and work pads technically then the power and speed has been built already. The forgotten step from the singular arts is a laser sharp focus on developing that technical touch. Being able to adjust instantly to height and distance with a front body kick, or leg kick, or lead leg kick, jabs, and crosses. It’s central and forgotten but coming back because the most dominant fighters not including just Conor, but DJ my P4P best, TJ Dillashaw, Jones, RDA, Werdum, Rumble, Sanchei, Ledzilla, Nicky Holzken, etc. For striking people need to really focus during their flow drilling like grapplers do because slowing down the movements and really feeling each movement will increase the technical abilities of the person during those movements.

-Stay Dope Folks and Family


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