Kind of a Heavy Day but mostly AMRAP, or just a heavy AMRAP why didn’t I say that to start off with whatever….. moving on. 


ITS OKAY to miss a lift, just relax breath and hit it again

Deadlift  10/65%  8/75%  4×6/85%

Rest 5-15min

Rest 1 minute between rounds

Clean (M=95lb/ W=65lb) or 90%

Push Jerk (M=95lb / W=65lb) or 90%

Ball Slam (M=40lb / W=20lb)

Pull-up Double Under Max

Power Clean 3/ 2/ 1/ 1/ 1/ 1/ 1/

Get loose afterwards with like 20% on the bar front squatting to stretch out out the ligaments and muscles in the legs.

-Ask your significant other for a massage get freaky I don’t care just massage the muscles folks


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