Alright Ladies

Alright ladies the season is uhhh Changing

Midriff tops and jeans with cute leather jackets will soon be out of the closet and prepped and ready for the chilly mornings. So if you’re looking to keep the changes you made during the summer it’s all about continued progress and changing goals calendars. If your just starting your journey or need something to change it up take a look at this article on how to reprogram a change,×12 .You’ve already lost a lot of the fat and strengthen the muscle you were looking for but now what?

We maintain and build upon the foundation. So to maintain the cardio we just do something more comfortable if you ran every morning hop on the treadmill or erg and follow your gym program. If when you felt the gym becoming stagnant and dare I say depressing try something outdoors sign up for something from horseback riding to flag football and everything in-between. Take your rest day or two and enjoy them, relax and have a blast if you’re in college raise hell and go out. Work your ass off on Sunday when everyone is recovering on the morning of the night after lol. Eating wise remember that what you do most of the time is more important than what you do sometimes you’re not a pro athlete cutting weight or anything. The goals should be to look good naked F the scale and maintain a level of athletic ability and cardio strength. Why because that’s true health, so what do you do easy enjoy your few beers on Friday and Saturday eat the pizza go to your best friend Birthday and enjoy the cake (personally I’m a pie man myself, I’ll head kick someone for some sweet potato pie in a heartbeat) you can eat what you want Friday night and all day Saturday then hop right back on the clean lifestyle on Sunday.

When it gets colder get the vitamin c and d and avoid sickness by working out, this may be a old wives tale but it’s proven true with me when it’s cold and you train your increasing the body’s temp and giving your immune system a swift kick. So train indoors for the time being work on what you feel you need to work on and continue to train at the pace and style that’s gotten you the results be it Crossfit or Bodybuilding centric or toning with cardio do what you do so you don’t have to struggle when the warm season come around to get back to where you are now or want to be by then. The changes you’ve made should be permanently ingrained it’s not hard at this point to train hard and fun, fill up on fruit and a fish tacos continue your day get your rest and watch everything continue to improve even at a smaller pace. The results will vary like everything but you will continue to move forward which is what the end game of a healthy lifestyle should be. So what are you going to do are you a swimmer like me who is upset because the pools are closing are you just going to repeat the cycle of wishing you had continued training even during the winter and fall like so many people do every year. Or will you like me find the indoor pool, workout and eat clean a majority of time while still having fun sometimes, will you be one the people come spring time who looks as good or better than this summer faster and stronger and just as happy with everything. Will this be you, it’s pretty simple say yes and adjust and continue making progress lol.

-Later folks this is for everyone but mainly the women who might feel overwhelmed.


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