AOC: Striking

Counter Over the Top

 Mayweather_vs_Pacquiao_Highlights_Slow_Motion  Giorgio_Petrosyan_The_Finest_Striker_on_the_Planet

Countering over the top of a jab is a great technical skill to have because it’s a low risk way to establish your targets timing and length, while the only risk is taking a jab while moving away. Usually done when facing an opposite stance opponent, think check left hook but over a jab. Since nothing I teach is based on stay concrete to one stance either way this tool is fun to establish the quality of opponent you’re facing if the adjust to it then step up the combination by following with a knee or hook cross combo. If there is no adjustment made keep dotting them up to set them up for the climax that’s coming with a head kick that’s shaded behind the counter or what have you.

So what’s the counter look like and how to do it, looks like it’s time for a breakdown.  Like everything else its simple in the process but hard in the application.

Basic motions are simple, Study the How to below and the Gifs step by step.

  1. Step back or sway or whatever just create some distance between you and the lead.
  2.  Once their Lead or Cross has extended fully, extend your lead lead so the length is just past the elbow but not close to the shoulder or chest.
  3. Why because that distance means there targets cross or jab will land with power because the distance or lack thereof is just to small for you to get away to minimize the damage.
  4. Next You need to hit what will feel like a lead cross or check hook little shoulder or arm flexion there isn’t going to be a ton of power because this isn’t meant to KO anyone. The legs should carry the power, little variation in the path that the lead takes to land on the target.
  5. You come over the bicep and on to the chin nothing more nothing less.
  6. Turn the corner and get out and away as the target staggers wondering where that punch came from.
  7. The big issues you will counter in this strike are looping to wide on the motion trying to generate power, being to low or high in the gauged distance of the targets lead arm, and not being fast enough to execute properly.

-Respect Loved Ones I’m Outta Here


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