5 Years is a Career Killer


HE TESTED CLEAN ON 2 WADA TEST, you fools. They gave him 5 years for a natural substance what’s next if you drink too much green juice or ingest too much protein be it natural meats, hemp protein, soy protein, etc. What’s the limit what can supplement whats a supplement defined as, how much sense does the argument against make? Will the hypocrisy based on decisions hand down by this commision become to igrejas to ignore, if so when will action be taken? Point being they legalised TRT until Vitor came in like a Super Saiyin. Does a Fighters Union make sense now? What’s next for Nick a guy who just recently reaped the benefits of his skill in the ring, will the UFC help Nick. I’ve got my theories and ideas but nothing is concrete because I’m not them I’m just looking in on the situation at hand. So everything I’m writing is coming from my observations and from me listening to Ice Cube while I write this up for everyone.

So my first point of frustration is this argument that you can’t supplement with Marijuana. Well since it’s a natural earth grown substance like a vegetable you eat or a supplement like coffee that you ingest for the caffeine which provides a heightened sense, what then can you supplement with. With the logic that’s its performance enhancing well eating clean, taking protein protein, creatinine, using a cryo chamber, getting a massage, using a hyperbaric chamber or elevation pod are all  performance enhancing but fine to use. So why is there this exception for marijuana when it’s legal for him to use in California. What does that mean for the people fighting in Washington, Oregon, DC, Colorado, Alaska, and States where it’s decriminalized Nebraska, Minnesota, Ohio, Mississippi, North Carolina, Maryland, New York, Rhode Island, Mass, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, and dun dun dun duhhh NEVADA. The argument against makes no sense if you can increase your blood cell count by using a machine but can’t use marijuana to help you increase your cardio by running what’s the fucking difference folks.


The decisions hand down by this commission have been ridiculous and there’s no consistency in any of their arguments. Jon Jones test positive Cocaine and gets no ban, a slew of fighters test positive for PEDS and get 1 year bans but because of time served basically they can fight in 4 months. What the hell is going on there, why can the commission talk to a fighter any kind of way and get upset when the fighter objects to something they said. Since when did having a defence justify being told that you should be banned for life basically for not participating in the dog and pony show. If you don’t play the game you get threatened since Diaz could give a d@!m he defended himself a plead the fifth when the arguments were becoming so ridiculous he just didn’t want to be bothered with it. I couldn’t be bothered with it either non fighters questioning me and talking down to me because I objected to their argument.

So does this give more reason for a fighter Union, I guess but more so this is a commission issue. The argument could be used that a union is necessary if fighters want to be taken as serious as the NFL and NBA, but there’s no athletic commission in the sports approving them. So first and foremost the commission needs to be fixed or done away with. I guess it would make sense to force the commission to act right and stop with the fast money grabs.

So what’s next for Nick, he’s got multiple looks he could make like fighting the case and taking it to a higher court. Which would be a landmark case for the marijuana push, because I believe people are sick of being treated like babies when it comes to marijuana. Meanwhile you can park at a bar get blitzed with alcohol and drive home any day of the week. The arguments against pot have all been debunked with since and personal testimony, it’s helping kids and people that are suffering everyday from seizures cancer anxiety and a slew of other things. What else could he do, well assuming Dana’s pissed at the commission like usually he could cut him and allow him to bounce on over to Metamoris EBI or One fc. Nates not far behind him, and One FC could get a huge come up with these 2. Who knows but that’s the path I see Nick taking, he could fight or bounce and continue fighting out of the states for large bank rolls because he’s a legend and the draw is massive.

Those are my thoughts on this, if you need me I’ll be running, flipping the pig, hitting the bag, then downing a ginger green juice. Peace folks and sign the petition for Diaz.

– Later Folks and Family


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