Let’s say a successful fighter earns 6 million during his or her career retires at 35 buys a house and has 4 kids. So before taxes they have around 100,000 a year for the next 50 years so 4 tuitions a house weddings medical expenses and buying those nice fancy toys we all want to acquire means they live nice a comfortable even with some health issues later in life. What I just presented is the lottery ticket many fighters wish they could get but sadly don’t the real picture for fighters is a career where there big money fight makes them 100,000 if their lucky and they come the launching pad for the star child and then float down raking beating after beating all the while putting on “exciting” albeit technical ugly fights as they age. They can’t afford high education for their kids, hospital bills are piling up, mirage needs to be paid, they can’t think straight anyone’s yesterday they got lost in the parking lot of Walmart, all the old fans have for them now is I loved watching you go to war have a good day and snap a picture to show their buddies. A month goes by money problems continue doctor tells them it doesn’t look good all those shots they took on the gym are coming back to literally haunt them. It’s getting unbearable and one afternoon while crying over their life they end it to stop the pain, giving the medical community a subject to study and figure out what fighting did to this person. That’s the sad truth of what being a rough and tough fan favorite exciting slobber knocker of a fighter gets you, early admiration fleeting success that slips through the cracks because there’s no substance keeping you there, slowly losing a grasp of cognitive control and drifting into depression and memory loss, the moneys not there and the poof neither are you. So what really does a fighter owe you if not nothing?

The average fight fan or fight fan that trains has a distorted view of what they  really know. The idea that a fighter owes you an exciting fight is ludicrous as I’ll get out. You would understand this after a real contest in the ring 3 or 2 months of training twice a day sparring for 4 weeks mid way through camp, cutting weight, rehydrating, dealing with an opponent’s mind games, and then finally fighting. That outside stress and built up tension is something the average civilian will never understand. The knowledge that the thing you’re competing in to possibly give your family the American Dream is at the same time stealing your mind and body away from you and your loved ones. That’s reality and the people saying he doesn’t fight or he’s not Boxing or he owes us a good fight these folks are what I said before ludacris in this thinking. Why, because you’re not there when he can’t think straight and is on multiple medications to stop him from shaking and falling asleep, I mean for every great like Ali there’s a slew of journeymen and top contenders that nobody remembers or helps. Take Roger Mayweather suffering from head trauma and diabetes and Floyd sees it as a reminder every day about how cold and unforgiving this fight business is. So what does this fighter owe you when all he’s doing is providing a service in displaying combat as he sees it, point being how he sees it. It’s all up to them because he or she has the gull and bravery to actually compete versus complaining behind a desktop or booing from the stands. Using primarily defense to maintain a sharp level of cognitive function and mastery of the martial art, then unleashing with offense that’s high reward low risk just like any other smart investment. So why so serious you might ask, simple because I see this behavior for what it is and the two sides of the coin. What’s on one side is the people living out their violent fantasies through these combatants. It’s visceral exciting and drama filled that’s what fighting is its high stakes because of the danger but without feeling the impact of the danger i.e getting hit you really don’t have anything putting that mental bloodlust in check, nothing like a good left hook to the body, getting choked out, or taking a pull counter dutchie to but things into reality. That’s one side and most often the side of the booing entitled fan. The flip side is the fan cheering for what they see in themselves or for what they want to see in themselves take Ronda Rousey she has women of all ages wanting to be like her determined to conquer her fear and hustle her way to the top. You also have the guys like Mickey Ward a blue collar fan favorite because people connected with his determination and work ethic. The people looking at fighters this way will always be a fan of the sport and rarely boo unless a blatant unsportsmanlike action occurs.

Now if everyone behaved with an ounce of self awareness knowing that they no matter how much the would love to could not do what they’re calling for guys like Mayweather to do, like stand and trade and take “risks” in the ring (which still blows my mind). If they came to terms with understanding there either untrained self or overweight untrained self could not do what he’s doing to begin with I think combat sports would be centered on its age old rule hit don’t get hit control and dominate. That’s all combat is, within the rules agreed upon by both parties. Remember they owe you nothing you paid and you for the short time have made an investment you know what you’re getting with certain fighters either technical brilliance or a lack of caring about future health. Invest wisely in what you want to see because you’re not paying the fighter you’re paying the fat cat promoter (without Al Haymon, Mayweather never sees the numbers he’s made). Never question the ability and resolve on the people competing and training to do something that not even 5 percent of the population has the gall to attempt in the first place.

-Good Day Folks and Family


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