How to: Work the Heavy Bag

How to: Work That Heavy Bag

There’s multiply theories of how to work the bag one is the Mayweather Detroit Kronk style of touch and go, another is the Bas Rutten El Gupo theory of go 100% for the full round rest for 30 seconds and hit it again, finally the last respectable theory is to drill on the bag one constant thing like one combination or one strike like the jab or leg kick.


Touch and Go

Mayweathers follows the D-Town approach which means he’ll do in the ring touch and go style. He’ll pick with the jab, cross, change levels, and then set his feet and deliver a big blow. The idea is to work on the technique and speed and then leveling the bag in between those things. You’re just drilling specifics and then letting yourself know that you have the power similar to in a fight being patient and then delivering at the right moment conservative approach to stay safe and still cause damage.


0 to 100

Bas Ruttens Dutch approach is the 100% theory like Tyson meaning he can go crazy with speed and power during the fight and recover within the break between rounds. Doing this kind of work is exhausting but over time the endurance you gain is unbelievable similar to the striking endurance of Rafael Dos Anjos. Blasting with the same power and speed you had in the first, this is not for the weak hearted or mental light people you have to want to got through the fire to collect on the investment.


Eastern Theory

Lastly is a Thai style of Bag work where you just drill one strike or combination. Very eastern in the idea of the rule of 10,000 reps to mastery. Once you reach a high volume of continuance reps the muscle memory will take over and become programmed as regular similar to how slipping mitts becomes hard wired so you’re significantly faster than the average athletic person. Also a big part of this is deadening the nerves in the shin, knuckles, and elbows to increase the calcium deposits faster. This is some hardcore training that again shouldn’t be slept on because of the  punishment the body is being put under.

The Heavy Bag is a necessary tool for any martial artist really heavy resistance on your strikes has to be developed, why because mitts and kick pads are helping you generate the power you will encounter against really heavy resistance of a moving target or heavy moving target. Why, because the chances of you landing every single one of your heel kicks or lead round houses or lead counter right hands on the chin of your target is less than likely. So learning to deliver real power to the body is key and how you develop real power is with the heavy bag because of the resistance you’re getting with real serious weight.

-So yeah have a good time unleashing strikes on the Bag


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