HOW TO: Speed Bag

So how to hit the one thing in the gym that makes people either stare in Ah or stare with disdain because they can’t hear themselves think and your cadence is messing up everyone because you can’t sustain more than 5 seconds of reps.



The SPEED BAG, is what every fighter started on and sucked at, everyone did and they stuck with it to get good at it. Once you figure it out it’s like a bike and you’ll never forget it. A lot of things people mistake with the speed bag is that it’s more of a timing bag then a speed variation bag, that’s  more so the double end bag. The idea that you get faster is somewhat true because if you’re starting with nothing anything where you’re using the arms and shoulder and back to create speed dictated by an object with a high closing speed will in turn develop speed. You can do the Rocky Scissoring technique or the traditional straight up hands high technique personally i do both to work different things. Similar to Mayweather he burns throw the speed bag like a Machine Gun with the scissor and traditional for the same reason maintaining a high speed scissor movement takes endurance and cardio lung based but back shoulder and arm and the focus of seeing and hearing the bag make contact with different surfaces at split second pace. Now the flip side is the traditional hands up high moderate movement around the bag mimicking a real match scenario, where the arms and back and shoulder have to be ready while loose so training that way while putting immense strain on those energy systems increases the amount of volume you can dish out. Traditional is a marathon style of training constant work for however long your contest is and then longer to increase the capacity as stated before.   

For Beginners

  1. So how do you work the speed bag well simple focus on the hands keep them up.
  2. Hit the speed bag one time slowly and wait for it to go back and then let it move toward you then let  it go back again.
  3. Now on the third swing you then hit again and repeat steps 2 and 3 continuously.
  4. Now for the beginner switch hands after hitting the bag 3 times with one hand.
  5. Pick up speed and maintain each pick up in speed for at least two repetitions with both hands.

-Have a blast pissing off everyone in the gym as you learn, remember everyone sucked at one time

  1. Close out your round by picking up speed and volume and close out with a stiff cross on the bag, this will help you maintain precision on a fast moving target even under stress and fatigue in the arms and back.

-Have a blast pissing off everyone in the gym as you learn, remember everyone sucked at one time


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