Cool Story I Guess


“Simply put the ideas above are some mans distorted fairy-tale at the risk of over explaining this meme is ridiculous in my mind”

So why do we train is a question I’ve pondered for a while. After seeing the above memes everywhere about I train for this or that or why what I train is morally better or why training for combat is the King. I just don’t see that as the law of the land. Why because of one simple question or paradox, why do we do anything. The quest to get good at whatever is that makes us feel good is why we do what we do as the core. Now having a hierarchy of what is acceptable to have as the vehicle to mastery of whatever that thing is, is well absurd. Why simple because in my opinion what makes someone happy that doesn’t effect you (cough cough gay marriage) isn’t of your concern making messages the one above if taken in a literal context as stupid. Now the only reason for a negative view is if someone is not looking or doesn’t have some vehicle for betterment that they use to gain mastery in something. That’s just how I feel because that shows a lack of motivation and interest in living to a full capacity. So Bodybuild, train MMA, Paint, Bike, become an intellectual, etc what do I care as long as you’re on a quest of mastery in something that makes you feel wonderful inside, fuck the haters and  move forward.

-Later Folks and Family do what you love and I’ll catch you on the flip


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