Question Mark Kick 


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Lets talk about the new fad of the return of PKA. I’ve written a piece about PKA’s return but something about recent high level fighters using a certain kick has really peaked my interest. Be it Luke Rockhold, Wonderboy Thompson, Rory McDonald, or Demetrious Johnson the TKD based kicks where the angles change at the last second have returned in a big way. They have been around in the modern era of Muay Thai for a while and guys from straight Muay Thai all the way to K1 style fighters have been incorporating them because of the influx of PKA guys in these sports proving they work in Knock out fashion. Why these kicks are dangerous is because the power me be less then a straight non wavering kick form the floor to head like Cro Cop or any other basic fighter, these kicks kicks change angles rapidly while closing on the opponent. Joe Rogan demos it perfectly.

For what we are talking about in the question mark kick it gives off the idea of a front kick. If you watched DJ the Mighty Ones masterful performance against Dodson you saw a constant front kick being used to set up a straight hand and a question mark kick. Because Dodson didn’t know which was coming his guard was close and protecting the midsection was priority because a Teep or front kick is similar to a Ward, Hopkins, Mayweather jab to the body it lands with a “Give that air kind of impact but more so because the kick is heavier then any punch. Once the front kick was established similar to how Conor does it the question mark was thrown and looped around the guard, whys that significant well simple because in MMA the kick game had become stagnant similar to 90’s Muay Thai where the body kick was prized because it was hard to land. With kicks getting harder to land clean the PKA kicks were downloaded by a lot of guys and drilled until they throw them quick and like legit black belts in TKD. Those are the people that are landing them Karate Hottie, Luke Rockhold, Conor when he decides to really kick,DJ each developed a proficiency with the traditional arts and have become fluid in the application for MMA. Now the B-side like anything else is a bunch of posers throwing these kicks without any proficiency. Be it armatures or guys just throwing something they remember seeing as a last ditch effort to win, because of that the PKA stuff still gets a bad wrap. The theory still holds true you have to be good at all the other stuff to throw the fun stuff basic footwork isn’t good enough good technical footwork is necessary. Drilling these movements is a big factor because there not typically to human movement the question mark kick your literally turning your knee and hip over at the last minute like a whip before landing and kicking throw that’s a lot of steps. If your thinking about these steps during a fight your not landing because its not automatic like B Hops say that split second has passed and your opponent is getting off before you are because you had to think.

So How TO Get Down with The Question Mark Kick, Easy study the GIFS and follow the steps.

 K!  Joe_Rogan_s_insane_kicks

  • Front Kick

Basically take a fighting stance high guard. Lift your kicking leg like a high knee. Then extend your leg out to the target either with the rear or lead focus on keeping your line of attack straight and quick not focusing on power but on the snap and quickness. Fluid movement keeps this movement sneaky and accurate.

  • Question Mark Kick

In essence this is the front kick turned into at mid strike a roundhouse kick. So you start  with a front kick once you pass the hip or get to the elbow you turn the planted foot out to force to kicking leg to turn over into a lead round house. Watch Luke Rockhold for some more clarity.

-Piece out as I listen to Ice Cubes Amerikkkas Most Wanted, later a Yah Yah


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