DJs Beautiful Fluid Movement

My personal notes on the Main Event of UFC 191


That’s one Pretty Mutha F$@Ker right there folks, TECHNIQUE!!!

Round 1 Movements

I rarely look for technique during the first round because in the 1st round both players are cold still because they haven’t engaged at all yet in the real combat everything leading up in the back and the drive over has been prep work simulation based nothing was live. Therefore a wild shot or a take-down to submission in the first is highly probable even if the guy is highly skilled and normally would be able to react. That’s reaction to stress and the moment means little to me in the 1st round what they do in minute 3 and on throughout the fight is more important to me.

Story here during every minute was DJs ability to throw straight and force Dodson to try to land on the outside of his straight shot. Why because Dodson love to counter with his cross but cant if the opponent has a straight in his chest. With DJs straight shots acting as a buffer Dodson is forced to throw looped shots and because there looping and DJ sees it coming he can react with enough time to create space or counter and stay in the pocket.

A new Wrinkle with the TKD work something the all powerful Conor Mcgregor even tweeted about now I don’t agree with Conor about the technical stuff like the precision and volume with which DJ was throwing it, it’s just nice to see. Why I don’t agree with Notorious is simple if you’re fighting the fastest guy in MMA its going to be hard to land the front kick that’s why the front kick was only there for show just like the jab at time sits there to occupy space and time and then it gets layered with a jab and then that perfect Question Mark Kick link to the how to is right here.

Round 2 Movements

Dodson catches a take-down on DJ and something I haven’t seen before happened, to me it looked like a leg lock or heel hook movement and DJ trapped Dodson’s arms from the guard and started hitting Dodson from the bottom, Dodson stands up and DJ rolls out and continues with the pressure.

This is all a tale in constant pursuit no matter if you fall or get taken down he had one motivation break Dodson then finish him.   

227 R2: Lead Right Straight snapped Dodson’s head back like a Pez Dispenser


Round 3 Movements

440-315 R3: DJs Clinch is top flight and he held Dodson’s leg in a single and attacked with solid hooks, shoulder strikes, and perfect elbows while he had John pressed up against the cage.

 Clinched elbow   Single Pressure

249 R3: Spinning Elbow Move Aside Jon Jones that spinning elbow off the single leg was damn perfect he didn’t just throw it to give a different look he throw it with all the confidence of it landing.

Spinning Elbow from the Single Leg

241 R3: Lesson in Fluid Combination Striking: Straight shots stepping through and landing head kicks because the target is now worried about the incoming hands but is negligent to the fact that you have two legs that fire off like missiles.

Straight Shots

228 R3: Perfect Defense Something folks like Jack Slack at Fightland have touched on is DJs defense while moving backwards because he moves straight back and usually with his hands not covering or defending he is susceptible to shots from a blitzing opponent. Here however with this high shoulder guard he is safe moving straight back and if Dodson where to rush he would get countered with a straight or the jab or the uppercut or the leg kick or whatever because DJ is this motion is primed to attack as well as defend on a over extended target.

Boxing Defense

218 R3: Nope Nope get outta the way

Nope Nope

126 R3: TKD Feint

TKD Fient

010 R3: Beautiful K1 Flurry


Round 4 Movements

233 R4: Holy TD Defense and no breaks


Round 5 Movements

109 R5: Straight Cross Lead

045 R5: (Elbow High Shoulder Defense) Like Money Mayweather, again while moving back he stays safe.

Boxing Defense

What’s great about this bout is the fact that we saw what level DJ has rising to in comparison to the level that Dodson is at. The question was can Dodson capitalize on the mistakes DJ was making in their first fight and come out the winner. Versus the question for DJ being about how much he has grown over the years and title fights. With a resounding display of technical application of Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Muay Thai clinch work and knees and elbows, Wrestling, and a glimpse into DJs guard play he dominated with a dominant performance. What I thought would happen did in fact occur, pressure with crisp well placed and thrown counters & straight leads mixed with a new wrinkle of a question mark kick which I will touch on. Perfect stance changes without ending up squared in front of Dodson like last time, a attitude we haven’t seen before in the cage, and my favorite some pure boxing defence work. Some very Beautiful Martial Arts, the booing audience will never understand that their favorite fighters and the people that fight are looking to get that good and not take as much damage as they already do. He was right technique allows you to stay a Pretty Mutha Fuc, shut Yo Mouth.

-Stay Dope Family and Folks    


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