Conors is at it Again

Conor_McGregor_vs_Cowboy_Cerrone_argument (1)

Conor: Yey Haw Cowboy: Funny He wasn’t talking shit back stage Credit to MMA Digest for the great video

“Let Me Tell You About This 155 SHIT Fam”

I love the guy at 145 I think he’s shaken things up and exposing some issues without letting himself get exposed. However this talk of wrecking shop on the 155s is loose to say the least. Conor stans will hate that’s sobering fact but it’s reality, the UFC has maneuvered him away from all around fights like Frankie and gave him Chad knowing full well he wouldn’t have enough time to train to get to full capacity. That’s just reality, then count that Frankie Edgar the former 155 champion moved down because the talent coming in from WEC and Strikeforce were finally getting there barings and the new killers where emerging. With IV ban coming Conor has to move up or risk not being able to make or regenerate weight before his fights effectively so the guy cutting form 170 or 165 is moving up to 155 where those giants in comparison have figured out the science and cutting down is simple for them who may walk around in the mid 180’s. Now the funny part of this whole thing is the back in forth he’s decided to have with the Cowboy in my opinion one of the last MFOS you want to piss off (rewind to the Myles Jury Fight) Jackson product with a better stand up game and some of the most fluid stand-up transitional striking at 155. That breakdown is coming soon but Cowboy the All American vs the Brash Loudmouth Mcgregor in the eyes of the media could turn Conors train right on around. To break it down is simple you’ve got the cold brew ranch hand muay Thai specialist with a top level guard in Cowboy versus the disdainful kicker and solid boxer with a nice guard retention ability in Conor. Now add on the fact that Cowboy is big as hell and Conor loves fighter 145s because he can exploit his size with out that he’s got to win on skill alone. Minor league 155 and UFC 155 is totally different the guys at 155 in the UFC are not stiff at all look at Bendo and Pettis or even the superior boxing of Bobby Green, hell RDA and there’s a crop of HELL RAISERS that aren’t intimidated by Conor bravado like the Russian (and not regular white guy) like Khabib arguably the best grappler in the division filled with ADCC and NCAA Finalist. That’s just the stats on paper with broad strokes breakdown of why Conor would get fucked by anyone in the top 10  at 155. He would have to be of a BJ Penn status ability wise and the heavier weight class would have to lack in ability somewhere. The problem is everyone at 155 in the top 5 or eve top 8 is a black belt or just high level at everything.

Now for the fun part why Conor fans are so supportive of his move to 155 and why they disrespect Aldo so much. Part of it just the douchebag draw that MMA has gained take that for what it is the Affliction t shirts Tapout gear and mentality, mindsets that guys that have never trained with anyone above a purple belt in anything have in the forefront of their minds. Its really bothersome to people who train at a high level or just understand the reality, because like Conor these folks will just try to shout you down (cough cough like a Donald Trump for instance) whats wild is people believe that Conors movement or etc will be a surprise to these guys at 155, newsflash it’s bother none of them because his TKD is novice in comparison to the guys like Felder Cerrone Pettis Bendo who news flash started in PKA TKD tournaments but I digress. Let’s say Conor wins the stand up war against any other these guys Chad proved he’s takedown able and easily done. Let’s say Bendo RDA or Khabib fights him and shoot a perfect double or knee tap or whatever one Conor yeah he ain’t stoppin it and on the bottom taking shots from guys that walk around 175 to 190 is going to be tough. That’s just a practical reason why its doesnt make sense Conor fighting a  World Combat Sambo Champion, NCAA D 1 Wrestler with ADCC credentials and a 3rd degree BJJ black belt who’s better than his own coach.

Mystic Mac needs to be a little careful with the trigger on his words because the last guy you want to throw shots at is a guy whos has not leaned away or been sheltered away from the tough fights like Conor has if we are being honest he should have fought Cub, Frankie, or Dennis before getting a title shot instead he got layup after layup and is calling everyone a bum and naming himself the lottery ticket. He’s perfectly right that he’s the meal ticket in the men’s division at this point but guys like Cerrone with major sponsors outside the UFC like Budweiser and Nascar teams. Add on the fact that he holds on to the dimo of fans that are unwavering in their support for the guy that isn’t loud and wrong he’s what America the real America loves the guys that speaks his mind when necessary has fun with life and works hard. So before Conor gets left like a stick in the mud by the American fans making his number he loves to brag about possible he needs to realize that unlike Mayweather he didn’t have years fighting top level competition under his belt, he doesn’t have the P4P title because he hasn’t earned it, instead of saying Frankie of all people needs to earn it he need to look in the mirror at everything and face reality. He’s got number without substance ( just like Trump), the substance has been earned by Cowboy, RDA, etc. through fighting the killers and winning in dominant fashion. Sticks in the mud yeah we can test that theory and I’m guessing the 155s would love to take the Irishman’s lunch money while they’re out taking everything else he’s worked so hard to get. Why so harsh, well because of this Miyamoto Mushashi quote“Do not sleep under a roof. Carry no money or food. Go alone to places frightening to the common brand of men. Become a criminal of purpose. Be put in jail, and extricate yourself by your own wisdom.” Why is this at all important, simple because the stuff has clouded or im seeing his persona acting in a way that says the stuff has clouded his mind. The media obligations and pay checks and pay per view numbers and all that business stuff has clouded him. There’s a reason GSP was who he was and Conor calling GSP and Anderson out proves it to me. Those guys earned their PPV scores because they had proven the ability to continue to beat top flight competition. GSP never used his ability to sell to hype a fight but yet everyone with a cursory knowledge knows the name Saint Pierre. Same goes for the only clear P4P fighters Jon Jones and Mighty Mouse, mainly Jon Jones. He earned it regardless of how you feel about him he earned it marching through the gantlet of former champions dark horses that trained with Champions legends in every fight he had. But yet I’m supposed to be impressed by Conor number alone and ignore his level of competition, in the words of Follow what I’m about to say, until Conor beats Aldo or better yet Frankie, Dana will soon pull back on Conors leash because he knows and Joe Silva knows that taking on 155 would be throwing away a the most lucrative fighter they’ve had since Jon Jones. It wont be a smooth ride it will end with Conors career ending in its tracks, 155 will make a example of him to anyone trying to move up without try reason to that’s it I’m done.

-I’ve got go hit the bag all these Keyboard fighter are getting on my last nerve           



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