Beware: Jake the Snake Oil Salesmen


Here’s the video in question if you can bare to watch it all the we through I commend you for your resilience 

Jack Slack wrote a piece on something very similar if you would like to check it out here

Yeah I don’t respect or like this guy at all he’s selling snake oil to people and legitimatizing what he’s doing be saying MMA fighters aren’t real Martial Artist. Or by saying young people mainly guys are asking him why doesn’t fight in the octagon because he’s a real Martial Artist. He has the gull to state that anyone doing a traditional art is doing Martial Arts for a different reason then the people in the cage fighting in a “Sport”.

I have heard these argument from old guys that have done Karate or Gung Fu back in the day who want to give me advise or teach me some impractical nonsense but this just blew my mind. Do I dislike his stance as a vegan or his holistic approach to health no not at all go ahead and do your thing but to true top discredit something you have little or no credibility in is just beyond me. Thinking that slow motion striking and footwork would somehow transfer over into a live action situation during high stress is just laughable. There’s a reason you roll or wrestle at full speed because you react at full speed. Taichi is yoga basically great for mobility but that’s were it ends because like everything the evolution process has birthed a better way. A 1,2 leg kick is better then anything being taught by this guy, why because there’s no slop there’s no fluff nothing extra where you could mess up. The idea has been forever simplicity its why the only Asian arts to last in the neo era have been “Basic” TKD, Muay Thai, Judo Jiujitsu ties in with BJJ why because they realized then that the idea of getting to the point using the fastest possible line was more efficient meaning higher percentage of landing. That’s the name of the art not flowery movement that looks good on camera, the argument to that is what about the art in Martial Arts? Simple its the pursuit of function idea, everything that lends itself to performance is going to be aesthetically appealing, why though. Simple because it works its why race prepared cars look better then factory because everything on it is for on goal performance similar to the mindset of those ahead of their time Martial Arts.

Now to touch on the snake oil salesmen pitch points about MMA. What right was given to him to decide who is and isn’t a Martial Arts? Why is competition a bad thing? Who come evolution in function by combining forms is so wrong, is purity so important? Why are you renaming things from PKA styles such as TKD Savate and Karate and calling it Taichi? Did the Gracie’s not prove to the world that style vs style Brazilian Jiujitsu was King? It really behooves me that someone could troll so hard and believe their nonsense. Firstly paraphrasing from the book of 5 Rings, “to know 10,000 things know one well” meaning mastery of one thing leads to understanding how to be a master in all things ,all things meaning everything in life reading writing plumbing carpentry business all of those being a Martial form in themselves. If a master shoe maker wanted to start TKD or BJJ is he not a Martial Artist because his occupation isn’t Martial Artist. Because these “athletes” are competing as there occupation but still practice Martial Arts in there traditional sense does that disqualify them from being Martial Artist? What say you to these names GSP, Rickson Gracie, Fedor, Jon Jones, Ramon Dekker, Bas Rutten, Enson Inue, Demetrius Johnson, Matt Hume, Sakuraba, Ronda Rousey, Mackenzie Dern etc. Are these warriors not Martial Artist because the embarrassed the evolution of Martial Arts similar to how Bruce Lee did on many occasions by creating the essence of JKD, or by learning from and having his world expanded by Judo Gene Lebell when it came to grappling. I don’t get it they train, they live, and breath Martial Arts theory from Bushido to just the idea of constantly seeking perfection of skill and self while knowing that it can never be reached. Practitioners at the highest level testing themselves in a competition setting to fund there lifestyle and love for Martial Arts through combat. Explain to me how they are different from the “Real” Martial Artist who works as a teacher. What makes them better than a fighter if its occupation based, then that alone is prejudice in itself and I can take you seriously at all no matter what it is you say?

Why is competition bad, isn’t that how we figure out what works? That’s what Martial Arts is based on self defense, so what works in practice combining everything fluidly so your safe and have understanding everywhere. That’s what MMA competition is what works, how mixing styles works. Competition breeds innovation and if your afraid of change or the unknown, then you live in you own world where everything stats the same and stagnant where you’ll just fade away.  Reality is in this modern era to test yourself the closest simulation to war and life or death conflict that made the human experience much more daunting and made people legendary even to this day you have to compete in combat by today’s standards. Be it Sun Tzu, Mushashi, Cesar, Spartans, Gorilla Soldiers of the American Revolution etc. These people where testing themselves in combat for what they believed in be it freedom, for country, personal sovereignty, glory, or because they wanted their family to have a life worth living. The modern day fighter fights for their own reasons but the essence is built from what there ancestors where fighting for and at the root its survival. Survival for the family for themselves for what they believe in. That’s why the Gracie’s are so powerful they fought because the needed to test themselves and prove not to others that BJJ worked but to show to themselves that they are truly capable of to survival and winning in the highest stake form of competition being life or death combat.

Lastly is evolution in Martial Arts a bad thing, uhh NO. Why, because with evolution there is no Martial Arts in the traditional sense there’s nothing with evolution. To say you want this specific style to be where the cut is is short sighted at best. The combining of Martial Arts has given way to knew ideas and possibilities weeding out aesthetics from function. Function winning because we know what winning in combat means at the end of the day. It means the winner lives while the loser dies end of story. So people want to learn what works the best in self defense well like Joe Rogan says “the best shot is what the trainings killers do, so learn that” that’s not to say a mantis strike won’t work on someone but a crisp leg kick 3, rear knee will land heavy fast and more efficiently. So anyone saying Mixed Martial Arts isn’t Martial Arts in my eyes lacks the knowledge of how evolution is at the root of why Martial Arts exist. Taichi Gung Fu where designed to effectively and efficiently defend against bigger opponents they evolved out of a need for self defense from Indian Martial Arts. Once they spread and knew ideas why injected and styles branched that’s who the cast of styles was created know people are now on a quest to take the best and combine and refine them. Evolution and progression is key to the continued success of Martial Arts. Why, simple because how much since does it make to say yeah I’m done learning or I’m done trying to get better even at a small marginal level. Then you done like the great Cus Damato said I believe when a person no longer has purpose to live for they die. So if you’re not trying to get better with Martial Arts even if its by small increments, what are you really doing?

I’m really sick of these guys that want to pull the community back to the dark ages instead of pushing it forward and holding onto the work that made it possible to move forward without getting tied down by it. The sky is never the limit, the limit is only the ceiling you believe in, I believe in infinite universes so I’m all for expanding and pursuing and combining functionality because experimentation is the only way to get results. Be wary of those peddling water as snake oil that can cure any aliments. Had to right this after getting swarmed with emails about it from new students wondering why I don’t touch of Taichi or Gung Fun besides the teaching points of the late Bruce Lee.

-Posse out, time to hit the bag for real resistance training.


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