Workout Smarter Not Harder

Thanks to vikingstrengthsystems for this image, its perfect for my article.


Focusing on all the problems isn’t efficient to getting your results, working smarter to find the problem that’s causing all of the other problems. I.E you’re throwing a jab and it hurts during your shadow boxing, correcting the jab isn’t the issue its the movements you’re doing in the gym with push ups pull ups strict press cleans, everything involving the shoulder. All of the movement is compounding destroying the shoulder and arm so finding the problem in the movements is easy it’s a weakness, imbalanced muscularity, deficiency I finally found someone who could vocalize what I have always been thinking when I try to fix people, these 3 points I’ve taken from Julien Pineau can diagnose a lot of issues. Weakness just means you’re not doing enough of the movements that strength that part of the body I.E pull ups presses etc simply program more of it and DO IT. Imbalance means you need to see a movement specialist like Julien and your coach like myself needs to see it and advise you to do so, because your body is out of proportion or compensating for something that a fighting coach like myself doesn’t have enough experience with the handle on their own. Finally Deficiency means you’re not firing in a certain movement think about learning to snatch your learning to fire properly from the legs to engaging with the abs to remembering to lock out at the arms and pressing out, starting out your moving while thinking about everything after a while you just fire because there’s no deficiencies in the movement.

Now to sure up the imbalances and deficiencies you should be doing the movements when you’re focusing on the movements, you should not be moving with speed or racing the clock. That’s how people get hurt or why they some results but are suffering from chronic pain focused somewhere where you’re compensating. Moving properly is important thinking you’re moving because you feel like you’re moving properly, so to make sure your moving properly film yourself with your smartphone, get a coach, or do both. I.E you squat, snatch, clean, press, weight lift with implementation or whatever for your 6 week or 4 week cycle you’re creating imbalances in your system but also your following the programming so you seeing results that are implying quality results. However after that last week your results.

So follow the program for the results you want, and even if you’re not competing in something shoring up the weaknesses with even plane movements that you may not enjoy will allow you to keep doing the movements you like to do and you don’t have to do them all the time you only need to supplement the movements like once a week.

Its something to think about, and a great podcast to listen to that’s why I’m going to experiment with some chest pressing movements to see how programming chest pressing on the plane with the rowing and pulling movements. Why because having one style of movements or ideology does not focus on the weaknesses, so if you stay the course with one thing and ignore the problems you’re having means you’re not working smarter. Hence why after some deep thinking I’m going to start programming more movements that support each other like rowing and pressing on the same plain. Adding more skill work to allow people to train more often without being unhealthy so people can then focus on whatever it is they want.

-So Yeah Posse Out Hittin the Coast Line on a Long Board.             


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