UMMM so yeah DJ is telling the absolute truth


(Link to the article above)

So I am super happy DJ said this because he is telling the truth that some people are to nice to say I guess. Too many times the majority being uneducated get to voice there opinion on fighting and what fighting should be or is with out any knowledge of truly fighting with trained people be it when a fight hits the ground and the fans boo or when someone starts to move away from getting hit (gasp hes running away) no he don’t want to get hurt and set up a counter shot. What irks many is people in the media be it on ESPN or whatever will always push there ideas of fighting without having ever fought and push the uneducated opinion. I’m happy a technician has spoken up and said what the reality is, Rickson Gracie was never booed in Japan so who is it cool for UFC fans to boo just because they’ve got no clue as to whats happening. People boo when someone gets a take down but I beat that if people had to feel whats that’s like they would stop booing they would stop booing if there shoulder was getting ripped apart with a kimora or from being clinched up on the cage. Just my opinion and two cents thought in was interesting that the quiet guy that they say is DJ spoke out on a topic that effects him.

-Stay Woke to the Fight Game Folks and Family


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