Rafael_Dos_Anjos_training_with_Nick_Curson_UFC_on_Fox_17  Rafael_Dos_Anjos_Training_for_UFC_185_against_Anthony_Pettis

The Guy above Rafael Dos Anjos follows the program he does exactly what the program calls for and he yields incredible results so much so that people thinks hes taking PEDs and he invites the test to prove hes clean. RDA does what Nick Curson tells him to do and sees a massive change in his cardio and strength which then allows him to perform in the way that Raphie (his coach) needs him to be able to do in a fight. So when you look at RDA record and you see his streak of wins everything is post him following through on the program Nick made for him. Before it was known that RDA would try something one week and he would get some result then he might change it the next weeks of camp and then change it a little later as well which sacrificed his stamina and strength because hes never breaking through the period were he can gain any strength from the programming be it whatever. While Nicks programming is superior for combat athletes it is no cake walk and leaves you exhausted which can deter new comers from trying something else and adding more to the program because there dead tired from Nicks workout because hes exhausting them, and not doing something isn’t allowed. All of those points of effectiveness is what this post is about aptly named follow a program.

When following any programming from blog to personal coach its easy to get hurt and cast aside even a well thought out program. Why is this important to know or say, that’s easy because even a badly thought out program, or a program focused on non full body movements or based on strengthening the posterior chain can yield results. Many people aren’t looking to compete in the crossfit games, or fighting professionally for a huge promotion. No most people want to feel good and look good naked, bottom line people want nothing to worry about on the doctor’s visit and when there significant other sees them, they know the fire is never going out physically. So yeah you could do 500 pushups and 100 pull ups a day and you’ll still get results, you can go hard on the treadmill and do yoga everyday become vegan or paleo and get results, IF you stick with the PROGRAM you will get results in your Before and After photo.

The issue is that people want to play coach or programmer and change the programming to be too much usually when it come to the cardio because people still think more cardio more weight loss, or decreasing things or picking things that they like and not doing whatever they don’t like to do. Picking and choosing doesn’t get you the results taking your program seriously and understanding that the movements are there for a reason.

If you’re not looking to compete then use what ever program you want that fits your lifestyle you don’t need to follow mine or a,b, or c’s but following a program even its your own all the way through is the only way to see results. Quitting on the 3 or 4 week which is very common is what’s holding you back from seeing results, now the level of results or drastic physical results you’re looking for are all a result of the volume of quality movements and the programming that they are in. Why, because jogging everyday and doing yoga 3 times a week isn’t going to build the muscle you want in your ass ( I’m painting with broad strokes here ladies I’m sorry) its just not going to you’re not working or engaging the muscles that need to be worked your building a higher threshold cardio wise and muscle endurance in the legs, your not building any significant muscle in the glute, ham, or quad. BUT, you are losing the fat or mass above the glutes that allows you to believe that you’re going to get the results you want then some woman or dude walks passed with massive quads and glutes making them look like a running back from the waist down because there program is focused on the results they want, not with the movements you enjoy doing versus squatting with weight which you might not enjoy doing.

So fall the program for the results you want, and even if you’re not competing in something shoring up the weaknesses with even plane movements that you may not enjoy will allow you to keep doing the movements you like to do and you don’t have to do them all the time you only need to supplement the movements like once a week. I know this post went everywhere but every example and point relates to each other, so go back isolate and unpack these things if you need to to figure out if you’re doing something ineffective and just need to see a program all the way through. Even if you don’t get the massive results you want you’ll know that you do get results by just following through with the programming (cough cough and then you you’ll follow a program like mine or a higher level one and see the amazing life changing look good naked lift stronger run faster punch and kick harder grapple longer results you’re looking for).

-So Peace and Love Family and Folks


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