Demetrius Johnson vs John Dodson

 UFC_191_Free_Fight_Demetrious_Johnson_vs_John_Dodson (3) UFC_191_Free_Fight_Demetrious_Johnson_vs_John_Dodson (7)

(Demetrius Johnson & John Dodson in a battle of ridiculously fast Super Saiyans, Frezza can kick rocks)

Lets me just say off top I’m leaning toward DJ, however DO NOT discount John Dodson. Dodson is the only man at 125 or 135 with the constant ability at any moment to flat line people in the cage. That being said we’ve seen DJs ability to take those shots from Dodson and recover which we can attribute to his chin and cardio. Now the only things separating these two are Dodson’s Power and Speed by a small margin, and DJs Cardio and technical skill being far above Johns. The Speed and Power of Dodson is better than DJs but only by a narrow margin which is then caught by DJs cardio and skill. Skill in defending and attacking allows you to be relaxed in exchanges and in your plan of attack if you’re constantly having to explode during every small movement under stress of being hit what you get is rounds 3, 4, and 5 of their first fight. The only way we’ve seen to beat DJ at the high level was doing what Cruz did and having a significant length advantage and knowing how to use it in the grappling not the striking which is ridiculous. Now to beat John Dodson has been done and proven whether the early storm and then break him when the explosion settles down. This is a great fight and anyone wanting to learn should take everything that happens in.

 UFC_191_Free_Fight_Demetrious_Johnson_vs_John_Dodson (7)   UFC_191_Free_Fight_Demetrious_Johnson_vs_John_Dodson (6)

Now for the breakdown for how John can win this thing. John has to start early and really use his sudden speed and power. Just like in there first fight if DJ makes the mistake of switching stance and ends up square in front of John, then John needs to drop him and swarm. Now the swarm is still dangerous because in my opinion the chin is directly in relation to the conditioning of the athlete which in DJs case is ridiculous even by fighters standards. John has to attack and watch out for the sweep, because DJ (even though his belt ranking is less than impressive), is high level on the ground because of the Wizard that is Matt Hume. Now wrestling is ill advised because even though John’s takedown game is good keeping DJ down has not worked for him or people that are better wrestlers i.e Dominick Cruz. So start early finish early that’s Dodson’s best beat come out firing and catch DJ while he’s making his adjustments.  The only flaw in this plan is the tragic flaw we see in boxing take Mayweather in the 90s as a example start fast rushing Floyd back in the day would usually with someone on their back, because his timing, muscle memory, and reaction speed was on another planet similar to DJ at times i.e Joseph Benavidez 2. So yeah John’s got more than just a punchers chance and is the most dangerous competition DJ has at 125, lets not forget that Dodson knocked TJ Dillashaw out to win the Ultimate Fighter, that was a totally different TJ though.

 UFC_191_Free_Fight_Demetrious_Johnson_vs_John_Dodson (4)   Demetrious_Johnson_Highlights (1)

Now for my pound 4 pound number 1 fighter Mighty Mouse Johnson, okay so for him to win it’s just a case of making less mistakes this go around and playing his overall game. Let’s all remember that Dodson was his very first title defense since then his all around game has becoming ridiculous. To make it more understandable he’s past GSP each form and his fluidity between each and mixing each. Thats not exaggerated at all look at GSPs jab to take down then look at DJs pull counter to take down or takedown fake to uppercut and tell me who’s got the fastest and best technique enough said. So DJ using his all around game that’s so far ahead of anyone fighting right now is a dangerous thing to face for 5 rounds because the pace will be the fast blistering pressure pace for the full 25 minutes. What do I see him doing well staring off boxing to find the range and timing of Johns blitz and then boxing to  wrestling to establish  that he can take him down. Once that’s been down he might take him out with his patent pending ground path of takedown, side guard pace, crucifix or arm trap to crucifix, then attack with the kimura grip or Americana grip, once they defend the grip swing for an opposite side armbar and finish. its what Matt Hume calls for in a lot of his fights. Now he may have a new path on the ground for all we know because he’s always expanding on his game. Now striking wise he’s cleaned up a lot of his troublesome habits. He doesn’t switch with that capoeira style jig which left him vulnerable in fights past he sometimes goes back to that when setting up and head kick now or knees but when he’s just punching he will now switch on the cross making his 1,2 1 with aneo footwork more like a 1 2 switch while extending on the 2. This is significant because look at what TJ Dillashaw has done to Baroa doing that same exact thing extending while switching so he stays safe and the pressure has stopped. Now the most devastating part of his striking game is his clinch be it the plum (hand over hand in a raised collar tie), double underhooks, or in over under his brutal with his knee game like a Dutch men or Thai (thanks cough cough  Matt Hume whose been doing mUay Thai before it was underground to do Muay Thai). Now in the clich John’s got like no chance he’s not technically good enough to get out or to counter because of the pressure and what DJ is setting up by attacking the body with knees. What’s  he setting up you ask, well he’s doing what Fedor used to or will soon do again. He gets his opponent under the stress of taking many knees to the ribs or face or whatever and when they finally break by exploding out he cracks them with some heavy heat. That heat could be to the body with a punch, kick, step knee, or whatever and in the 5th round of the first fight DJ did exactly that. and Dodson’s facial expression to those shots told the story he doesn’t want to admit that DJ has already broken him and was about to get him out of there. Why, because unlike Fedor who could just hit someone and KO them DJ can’t really because of physics, he has the speed part of the equation but he doesn’t have the mass part fighting at 125 he probably weighs around 135 to 138 in the cage come fight night while John will be right around the low 140s. While he doesn’t have that ability he has a Picasso like talent for pure boxing genius and application in practice. He will through some of the most textbook combinations I’ve ever seen.

So yeah DJ has all the tools to win this bout, staying true to his game and not making the mistakes that I’m positive Matt Hume has seen in his game could make this just like is other rematches meaning he might just put on a World Class number 1, Hall of Fame performance. I’m pulling for Mighty Mouse and his masterful ability to truly mix the martial arts.

-Posse out, hitting the coast line like Tone Loc Folks and Family


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