Ross Pearson vs Paul Felderly

 Highlights_Gray_Maynard_vs_Ross_Pearson  Paul_the_Irish_Dragon_Felder

“Let the WARS Continue: What is it good for ,The UFC of Course”

Battle at 155 between two guys willing to throw everything to win. Neither Ross or Paul are going to be moving slowly, expect a high volume battle and a large amount of significant strikes to be launched with bad intentions. How this breakdown is very interesting because of the X factors both guys bring to the bout. So why don’t we get to it then?

Starting with Felder a guy that has great fundamentals and a lot of TKD and Karate based wrinkles. A beautiful spinning back fist as well as lead leg kicks. This guy was built to kick and explode with his strikes. The X-factor for Paul are as follows this as one quick turn around after taking a lot of damage from Edson Barboza. The other factor is his training with Donald Cerrone, “Cowboy” whose training for a title fight Im assuming has been drilling his angle use and shadowing combinations he uses. Getting Felder to hide his rear knee or switch kick behind a cross or hook. That’s all trademark “Cowboy” Muay Thai, that’s the X-factor whats his turn around rate and what has he learned since his last bout.

Now for Ross, Ross Pearson is the “Real Deal” no pun intended he just s that fighter. This guy has been through a lot, recently getting the worst robbery in UFC history. Then beating Grey Maynard losing to Al beating Sam Stout then most recently losing a decision to Evan Dunham. But that’s what makes Ross Ross this guy is looking to break out at 155, he has the ability to separate from the average to become elite. Hes always improving his striking game and grappling game us something to expect. The real X factor for Ross isn’t really how much hes improved but more so how his game plan will be set up. In his loses Ross is usually winning earl, and then he doesn’t adjust his game plan when his opponent figures out something that works. If he can have a fluid plan A and B that he can move in between though out the fight then he has a real shot at winning this thing. Pearson’s striking fundamental footwork is solid and his power is huge at 155 so a classic battle is to be expected in this fight.

That’s how I see it two dudes that will be ready to fight with great technical skills and what makes this thing fun is the countless X factors that we’ve seen in the past with both guys. We aren’t taking shots in the dark when talking about these factors both guys have a history of doing these things in the past and assuming well see it again isn’t far off.

 -Stay Chill Folks and Family


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