What Kind of Cult Message was This


If you post trash like the image on the right then the image on the left applies to you ten fold. My meme is on the left, my point was the teachings of Rickson Gracie are not in line with the message of the image on the right. Why, because Ricksons BJJ is built on his fathers teachings he moves without using his athletic advantages seen in comparison to Men vs Women. Why do I say that, simple because Rickson is the greatest and plays his BJJ like a women would technical with no space and using leverage and technique what BJJ IS BUILT ON AND FOR THAT MATTER STRIKING AND ALL MARTIAL ARTS.

Diluting women as less superior in an art that was designed with the goal to allow small opposition to use leverage and technique to defeat larger opponents. Its ignorant and proves that you don’t get BJJ to begin with. Answer this why does it make a man less of a man? Does everyone need to do BJJ to be a good person. Its preaching a weird ideology that seems to consume new BJJ comers who just got a stripe on their white belt or blue belt. Its been proven just on a broader level that if you have good wrestling and can defend a takedown and have good striking or just power you can shut off many people on this planet. Dont get  it twisted I love grappling, however throwing shots at people who don’t like combat sports or BJJ for that matter or care to know who Royce Gracie is is just some small minded ideological BS. To alienate someone who might have wanted to try BJJ but was offended by something like this be it a woman or a man hurts nothing but the art and the image that people have of it. IE it being a super masculine endeavor that is to hard for women or men that don’t train. The post really makes no sense, with that thinking anyone that does jiujitsu would be less of a man because at some point they didn’t know who Royce Gracie was. So yeah get real folks I’d rather my girlfriends or guy friends know about Mackenzie Dern and the master Rickson Gracie and their approaches to BJJ then some broad statement MEME about how knowing who Royce is makes you a man some how. Im done, its just something that ticked me off on IG.

 -Stay positive filter out the BS and stay smiling because the world will try to take your smile, just don’t allow it Family and Folks


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