Jan Blachowicz vs Corey Anderson


We have a bout with two light heavyweight prospects, both coming off loses. Jan is a guy that takes his fighting incredibly serious training in a hard nosed gym in Warsaw and Traveling to the U.S to train at Alliance MMA. Corey is also a hard worker but his test will be if he has the discipline to do the technical things versus doing the easy thing in the fight. This has the possibility to be a great fight to complement the Rumble Manuwa fight. One guys stock will rise and one will fall so do or die couldn’t be more point blank.

Starting with Corey Anderson he can be a little to tough for his own good not checking kicks and thinking he can land with a counter. Wanting to to volume strike with a plan at first but then his wrestling and a developing submission game at Renzo’s Acadamey makes him dangerous and full of potential. He really just needs to do the little things so he can open up his game. He is dangerous still because of his athleticism, but the X factor is the focus points of his training is the details or is it not changing. For Corey this could be a break out bout for him.

Jan is a guy that always improving and showcases that Eastern European work ethic better than anyone. KSW champion, a great grappling game as a brown belt moving close to black belt territory and an efficient striking base. This is a guy that executes the game plan and does the details correctly versus just rushing and the subsequently getting caught. If you couldn’t tell I’m pretty high on this guy. However this shakes out, if you want to see two up in comers in a fight where one will make a name this the fight for you.

-Stay Chill and Folks


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