Nothing like an Old Skool Jam

(Credit goes to jakblackburn on Tumblr for the Elliot Dumbell Bench Press GIF)

Yeah I’m channeling my old gym rat ways with this one bench pressing is a important movement to supplement your workout with. Folks you don’t need to bench everyday or get crazy with it I bench like once a month maybe twice if I’m feeling aggro about it.

Bench Press

Or Dumbbell press with 75% percent of your Max moving up to your Max with Dumbbells

1 Max Set 245/155

Rest 2 Min

1 Max Set 215 or Max /125 or Max

Rest 2 Min

1 Max Set 185/105

Rest 2 Min

1 Max Set 155/85

10 Min EMOM

3 Power Cleans…Heavy, define that for yourself

Stole this from the Crossfit website don’t kill me I just like the workout.

AMRAP 20 Min

15 GHD Sit Ups or 20 Boxer sit ups gif below

21 Dead-lifts 135/95

-Hope you enjoy getting Swole or Toned, or Strong or Whatever Folks and Family


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