Andrei Arlovski vs Frank Mir, OLD MAN FIGHT

 Highlights_Frank_Mir_vs_Todd_Duffee  Andrei_Arlovski_vs_Travis_Browne_UFC_187

I’ve already touched on the incredible career resurgence from both men, so this isn’t at all about that. This is purely a bout breakdown.We have the second best jiujitsu player in the heavy weight division next to Werdum, also a tightened set of boxing fundamentals. In the other corner we have the guy that out struck Travis Browne and KO’d him. We have two dangerous former Champions who have been recently in two great wars. This should be a wild fight that follows there early performances this year.

So how I see both guys winning, lets start with Frank. Franks got a chin on him which has made him dangerous when he was young.Now add all the weight hes lost and the speed hes gained we now have a dangerous Frank Mir standing, but even worse if he lands on Arlovski and gets a hold of him on the ground the fights pretty much sealed. That’s a lot of ifs I know, however he slugged it out with a specimen in Josh Duffey so counting Frank out in any exchange is extremely ill advised.

Now for Andrei we know what were getting from the Belarus Pit-bull. He moves forward and strikes with efficiency and power. Add in the teaching hes getting at Jackson Camp where he will add more wrinkles to his game. We all saw the crazy fight with Travis Browne, we saw Arolvskis combination punching angle changing. Plus my favorite new thing was Arolvski ending his combinations with a back fist. Brilliant stuff, hes a veteran that knows when to pounce and when to just wait.

The bout is definitely going to help bring eyes to a card headlines by Demetrious Johnson (My number 1) so its a win for the champ and fans who aren’t knowledgeable about the game. This Heavyweight bout has the ability to be one if not the best fight of 2015. I’ve got Andrei personally but this thing could go anywhere who knows really.

-Stay Chill Folks and Family


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