We Finna Get loose YA DIGG!

Lets get loose like Diddy and Skate Board P, peep the program below.


Swim Workout Get loose Folks

  • 50 meter warm-up
  • 4 minutes kick no fins (20sec easy/10sec fast, repeat)
  • 6×75 free,butterfly,or breaststroke (25 moderate or at 60% /25 faster or at 75-95% /25 easy or at 30-45 %) with a  2 minutes rest in between each set of 25 laps.
  • 6×25 underwater swimming (take as few breaths as possible per length of pool)
  • In between every 2 sets of 6×25 grab some moderate heavy dumbbells and strict press 50 reps straight.
  • 100 meter warm down

Take your time with it and focus on recovering during your rest. Manage your pacing and maintain form through out out the movements.

-Stay Chill Family and Folks


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