Spare Change?


(This is a Courtesy of  “JiuJitsu – A Way Of Life” By Stuart Cooper)

Pain and struggle, how do we change these things to love and peace.

 This why I’m a martial artist just train teach and travel that all I want out of life really, because I’m in my own world of hard reality no weird BS can happen but change is a constant. When your talking about change your talking only about time when your discussing change related to murder or  tremendous pain that time could be forever. It’s easy to relate to an idea of Jiujutsu and physics, in a battle of submission grappling whoever taps is the one conceding defeat correct. Let me acknowledge first that I’m writing this after listening to Dr. Dres new album specially the track Animals, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, A Tribe Called Quest, and Dizzy Gillespie. Alright moving on, so in physics you learn that in a world without friction if you where to slide a object on a surface it will just keep going until acted on by an outside force. Simple law of physics a object in motion will stay in motion unless acted on by an outside force. If that’s not clear think about space if you where to throw a ball in space it would just keep going until something else physically does something to it. Alright so the great Helio Gracie has a wonderful analogy in Jiujutsu, “You do this then I do that you do this then I do that… Forever”. That’s all Jiujutsu, life, striking, combat, ideas of change, or any type of momentum in life relates to that idea. If you don’t change something it will just keep happening, but to change anything takes time to adjust, breakdown, plan out ,and then apply the change.

It’s hard to change because its uncomfortable to do all the steps, while not knowing for sure if a positive will come from it and at what level it will happen. Why, because big inputs for limited returns is better then nothing but just barely. Reason for college being so stress filled with the global career market depending not so much on a major but a degree of some kind, so why did I spend $100,000 on college then. Lends a voice to the Bernie Sanders cause for reverting tax money used to fund war mongering assaults on a war torn people, to instead fund public institutes for higher learning with those funds and hold them to the highest standards similar to those in Norway and other European nations. But that’s socialism, but is it to fund a generation of people that will have to fix the problems inherited by generation that were only focused on making a dollar not caring about who they hurt to do so. Does it work, looks like it since the quality of life in those countries is head and shoulders above the current levels in America. On a even deeper level isn’t this the very least that is owed to the offspring of the African slaves that where used to build not just the infrastructure of this country but the economy of this country. Seems like this would be the least that could be done for a disfranchised group. It’s pretty hard to pull yourself up by your bootstraps when you don’t even have boots to start with.

I’ll digress a bit, tax funded colleges just seem like a better move because of the billion of dollars in war funding that could be sacrificed because America would still be far and away the highest funded and largest military. Whats so wrong with an educated population? Doesn’t that push innovation, doesn’t it decrease poverty, shouldn’t that be the goal everyone reaching a good quality of life where quality food, exercise, housing, and inner peace is reached. What if everyone could afford to live in a safe neighborhood and where educated working people and also healthy and flourishing. Why isn’t the idea of stopping crime or stopping unhealthy practices not the objective? Why is oxy being prescribed to eleven year olds? Why are men that look like me being gunned down? Why did a women die in custody, hell why was she in custody? Why is college all about a profit athletic trapping and tuition cost for average students? Why? Tell me, why treating or masking a symptom is always the treatment for it all? Money equals power and time, the people at the top are mostly consumed with making more at the cost of the many, once this was thought to be the radical idea recently its become the real talking point Donald Trump on Jeb, Bernie on both Hilary and Trump. It’s really easy, change is time and time can be forever so change is forever.

-Just something to take with you about Change and everything it encompasses.


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