WISDOM what is it?


“What is it to be Wise or Deep……?

“Well its not based on your dope word play that’s for sure.”

Wisdom in my mind is balance of childlike fun a mischievous fun behavior and experience from life. Now that last piece is what gets misconstrued by a lot of people. Being older doesn’t make you wiser and being young doesn’t make you less wise, like my godfather has said every answer to life or the path to finding it is on the internet and in books. I think Will Smith may have said the same thing but whatever, growing up adds some personal experience that you can from mistakes or the mistakes of others but you can learn from history or get a different perspective from anything or anyone. The perspective thing is a big point to remember, perspective on issues should come from multiple angles meaning put yourself in the opposition’s shoes. Or play out what will happen if a different course of action is taken. You don’t need a grey beard to be wise you need to understand different experiences and see from all angles, conservative in immediately passing judgment on something or someone.

Now for my favorite part being some fun suck leech is unwise, if you don’t balance yourself out with the immedate fun and fraliking  parts of life then the experience of the good won’t be there. It gives a good perspective similar to the point a and b thinking you see in kids ie. why do I have to go to bed I don’t have a job?  Thats beautiful thinking because they’re right and what’s the argument mommy and daddy are tired, price of having kids lol. Experience comes into play because you know that they will be cranky and tired all day the next day if they stay up to late. Being able to think both ways brings compromise to mind where you allow say 30 minutes or a 1 hour before having them go to bed, its that simple thinking logically and having knowledge from multiple viewing points gives you wisdom.

Wisdom not that complicated, so stop making a complicated thing and just enjoy life while you still have something to enjoy.

-Stay Chill Folks and Family


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