The MOST Dominant Fighter in The UFC?

 UFC_190_Free_Fight_Ronda_Rousey_vs_Cat_Zingano  Video_Demetrious_Mighty_Mouse_Johnson_gets_5th_Round_submission_over_Kyoji_Horiguchi_UFC_186

“DOMINANT Tough Question, I Guess”

Do you know who the most dominant fighter in MMA is? Oh really, you have know idea how wrong you are. This is going to be a reality peice of the current landscape of the dominant fighters in MMA right now. On honorable mentions go out to Joanna and Ronda Rousey. What Ronda not in the top 5, nope because there has to be a seperate womens chart and shes at the top of that with Cyborg at 2 and Jonna at 3. Which she has stated, there needs to be separate lists p4p and domiant fighters. Ronda is a domant grappler the best at 135 145 and 115 really shes just year ahead of the current field, now if she where to face a Mackiende Dern or another women who compited at ADCC then she would have a problem in the grappling field. Which leads to the issue in the 135 divisoon nobody is as skilled pr has the experince at a high level in MMA striking or grappling. Rondas striking is getting better it is not great but you can call it good, fix your lips to say great and youll get stromed by the champion boxers and kickboxers that would lit her on fire. Now Cyborg I cant really touch shes really just like Ronda but a super athlete that has gotten popped for PEDs, nothing more to say she runs through women gorilla pounding them or straight jacking them with some high level Muay Thai. Joanna shes young in the game and needs more qualiy perfomacnes and she would need to defelintively beat Claudia Gadelha to secure a number 2 spot. That’s the womens divisons they are groing and getting more skilled at a faster rate  then the 2005 2006 UFC veterans where which is great.

The most dominant fighter wasn’t at UFC 190 but will be fighting at 191. People don’t get that right now MMA is hitting the real mainstream, previous to this time the it was just peaking out to show the mainstream what was up and to say hi and bye. Really this is the gold rush period, with Ronda Rousey bringing in the casual fans and a female audience of ages and Conor McGregor being his brash self  the golden children of the UFC are being put at the top of every list by the ignorant media and large group of fans. Why, because these people don’t know what they are watching a large percentage of the time. The idea of fighting another person seems either simple or super daunting to the average person, now if you train that’s just your reality in the gym every day. Setting up an armbar or a sweep with a butterfly from the bottom, securing a takedown, shooting a take down, standing with someone without getting hit, calculating distance, managing cardio, listening to a coach and ignoring the audience. Thats a small percentage  of what is happening in the cage over and over again and a ferocious tempo. Add on top of that the skill level of the opponent everyone in the cage is of high level excluding “CM Punk”.

Now the most dominate conversation is a weird one because of the categories within that argument, people love saying Ronda and sorry its just not real. WHY, because of the lack of equal skilled fighters or skilled enough opponents. Look shes years ahead of her opponents which is why she can secure victories with 30 seconds. You have to take into account her skill level versus women less skilled than her which is the entire division really. If you want a starker example look at Tate Rousey 2 where Tate took her 3 rounds because she got better and had equal as good or okay depending on how you view it wrestling and striking. Ronda is dominate and that’s not being taken away from her, it’s just that if she wasn’t doing everything out of the cage as well as the mainstream movies and commercials she would be Gina during Strikeforce which still a huge star. Now the real dominate fighters are those like Jon Jones, Dillishaw, Wiedman, Aldo, Mighty Mouse. Why, because of the level of opposition they face and the skill level of the opponents, the guys there fighting have been grappling or striking at the highest level for the same amount of time or longer. The skill level is the highest we have ever seen in certain weigh division from #1 all the way to the 25 place fighter in the division.

My top 5 dominant fighters goes bottom to top as Robbie Lawler, Aldo, Weidman and TJ tied, Jon Jones, DJ. Don’t agree whatever give me a reason why and Ill hear you out. My case is simple each of these guys has had to face a squad of killers.

Jon Jones had to beat Kings of Pride and the old UFC guard as well as dangerous newcomers and an Olympian wrestler. Hes got super human physical advantages and a knack for using your style against you and succeeding at it be it pressure fighting grappling or whatever.


TJ had to beat our “Mayweather” and he did it twice in fact lighting Renan on fire both times with technical striking brilliance and wrestling ability from the top and once on the bottom, he’s so far and away the best striker in the 135 division that is filled with great strikers.

Highlights_T_J_Dillashaw_vs_Renan_Barao (3)

Wiedman he beat Ali in Anderson Silva he beat the goat once in my opinion and broke the goat the second time around, then he beat a guy that gave Jon Jone some trouble, by just  beating him. Then he  goes and punishes a guy that was running wild on the middleweight landscape Vitor Belfort, depending on who you believe Vitor may have been elevated during his bout with Chris but Chris ended his career at 185 “LONG ISLAND TOUGH”.


Aldo is the great Brazilian story of the poor kid becoming this exceptional king of combat, world class grappling and take-down defense. Hes got a machetes for legs he chops guys down with his lead leg, plus superb boxing and athletic ability. Plus he’s undefeated in WEC and UFC isn’t a bad topping either.

Jose_Aldo_vs_Chad_Mendes_2_highlights (1)

Robbie Lawler, cough cough did you see his fight against Rory, I mean both the first one and the war at UFC 189. Hes a juggernaut and dominant and loves the art of combat. He laughs and smiles after getting hit in his corner, he comes out ready to end careers. He’s gone to war, had win streaks where he just looks head and shoulders above anyone not in the top 3, a career resurgence and a new found set of skills. I let you tell him he’s not one of the most dominant fighters out right now, go ahead enjoy that.


Lastly my man Demetrious Johnson the most dominant fighter fighting right now. I stress the right now because I had tied with Jon Jones based on p4p comparison, but since Jon’s been striped and suspended he’s no longer in the tie. DJ is a killer and a master if there ever was one. My favorite comparison for him is Rickson, he has a master for a coach and always performs in a way that you’re watching and know everything he does will just work. He shoots it works , switches stance it works, recovers after getting hit once ( he’s been tagged in one fight in the UFC not even Cruz could handle him standing he had to use his size to keep him down at 135) his grappling is basic in the greatest since with a seamless take-down to half guard pass to crucifix to sub. Striking is artistic, punch to switch stance  followed with punch combination leg kicks knees  in the clinch against the cage knee with volume to the head or the body, elbow out combination pressure and volume strikes head kick etc. He doesn’t get hit in the pocket or mid and long range while exchanging he doesn’t stay down when he get taken down, reality is hit and don’t get hit.

That’s the story most of the time limitless gas tank and fluid switches between striking and wrestling. Across the board years ahead of everyone technically speaking mainly because of Matt Hume’s knowledge of well everything, I dare you to give me a better technician that finishes from anywhere he wants to KO, TKO, Sub. He’s simply the best and most dominate, I mean he’s beat a Russian on EPO and beat him with his pace, striking, and grappling has Ronda beat a roided Cyborg I think not. Sorry that was a uncalled for blow I’m sorry.


UFC_191_Free_Fight_Demetrious_Johnson_vs_John_Dodson (5)

The only knock on DJ I can acknowledge is when he got dropped in his title defense against Dodson. Yeah he got dropped but a guy that’s faster then him, and then what happened he lit him on fire like Saenchai does to guys in Thailand all the time. He’s beat adversity and he’s stayed ahead of the most talented technical fighters in the UFC at 125 and 135, hes the second coming of Bruce Lees philosophy of fighting.  Again leave your comments lets have a reasonable conversation about who you think is the most dominate fighter out right now.

-Stay Chill Folks and Family


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