Paige Vanzant vs. Alex Chambers

 Paige_Vanzant_UFC_Highlights  Alex_Chambers_vs_Kailin_Curran (1)

“Fight with the golden girl at Straw Weight”

Alex Chambers is taking on the Team Alpha Male straw weight Paige Vanzant. What we have here is a battle between up and comers at straw weight.

Fighter wise Alex Chamber is a well rounded submission grappler with alright striking. She has hopefully focused on her striking and wrestling a lot more lately. She has a knack for finding arm-bars in the scrambles striking more or less to open the grappling up. If she is much better  at striking than her opponent she will go off with her hands, which is all a confidence thing because of not fearing the grappling side of things.

Fighter wise in Paige we have a energizer bunny being molded in the female version of a young Urijah Faber. Her wrestling is fundamental but good at what she’s looking for with good defense. She catches things before they happen so she can work her offensive wrestling. Shes a banger she can take a punch but her striking is not at all great. She has bad habit of leaving her chin up and staying on the center line, after she throws hse stays there and usually get lite up look at the Felice Herrig first round. She however stays safe because of the volume of kicks she throws and how much training she’s doing to get her basics in defense and offense, I think her man Cody had something to say about her focusing more on her striking. Her wild card ability is her flexibility she always finds a way to get back to top position no matter where she is.

With the controversy surrounding Reebok and their influence in the UFC with pay, employment, and signing fighters with 1 fight. Paige Vanzant will again have to prove naysayers wrong again. Her opponent is similar to Felice Herrig but a lot more of a killer on the canvas. Alex Chambers is no slouch standing either but she may have no answer for Paige. Paige loves to apply pressure which is good because her technical striking isn’t the best but her volume is incredible. While her opponents are worried about her strikes she takes them down. Her new wrinkle has just become a very frequent occurrence, but against a women that can get your arm from anywhere it may mean nothing.

-Stay Chill Family and Folks           


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