Be like the Swamp, my Friends


“Balance between Stoicism, and Joy is the balance that is Peace”

My favorite fighter outside of the UFC is Moise “SWAMP” Rimbon he’s a legend from Pride, Dream, etc. He still fights and trains out of Phuket Thailand a paradise island. He’s a master fighter and a stoic personality, very quiet and speaks with meaning when he needs to. There’s not wasted movement or energy in anything he does he lives the martial artist mindset. Moise isn’t on social media from what I believe because of the stress and attacks that will come at him on a anonymous platform. If you see him interact with people you just know he’s respected not for what’s he’s capable of doing but because of how he lives his life outside of the combat. What this is all about is a talk about what you need in your life and what you don’t need. Not on some cultist stuff here just speaking on the stress of things like twitter periscope and things like that where people take the personal attack form people on these platforms and hold them inside allowing it to poison them. Be it slowly or immediately the poisoning is taking place. Its not healthy and changes how people interact with the people they love or are around all the time. Social media is a easy one to point out because there’s an obvious e difference in how people act before and after they get entrenched in there things. However there something or many things in people’s lives that so easy to point out that are pumping venom into their lives and they don’t deal with it out of fear of what could happen as a result.

Fear is a powerful motivator and detractor, because of this fear people could move to separate themselves from whatever’s causing hell in their life or they could just stay in the fire. So how do you escape the fire well like anything you have to address whats causing it, once that’s done you have to make a plan on how to separate from it. Just saying I’m going to confront so and so means well nothing. If you don’t approach it with a A, B, and C plan then it wont last. Next you have to be sure your done with the fire meaning it has to be for self wink wink. Once you have those things done you have to replace that void with something else that you want that’s not going to cause hell in your life because trading hell for the south pole is not really a good trade “ya dig”. Once you have that change you have to maintain it and not allow anything less then positive to penetrate it. For example a bad ex love interest or friends that will just pull you back down. This really goes for anything but social media’s just easy to use, so say your on twitter beefing with people you don’t even know all the time. If you’re tired of the bullying or the constant worrying about what so and so is saying you have to separate yourself from and just stay away from it and periodically log in to stay in touch with some friends but tell everyone else to kick rocks. That’s not as easy as it sounds because there’s a pool to log in and see what’s going on aka being nosey. Learning to live with yourself or just be yourself is key, its the only reason I can do this blog with losing my mind because this is a small part of me and really I’m just trying to teaching a majority of the time something I love. Outside of this I’m not AOCKl I’m just me and I love it. Learn to love you and everything will be good why, because someone not surrounded by vipers coming from every angle can enjoy the small and big things coming from life more so than someone worrying about what the next bad thing is going to be in their life.

So yeah get happy make a plan live a better life and all that stuff, if I can and my great grandmother could, and my mother father brother & etc could why can’t you it’s really about being done with not having any kind of peace in your life. So trade in the hell for a paradise in life.

-Posse OUT, time to hit the Coast Line Tone Loc style Folks and Family   


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