Jose Palacios vs. T.J. Arcangel

 World_Muay_Team_USA_Training GLORY_11_Superfight_Series_Gabriel_Varga_vs_Jose_Palacios

“Energizer Bunnies about to go to WORK”

Lighter weight class kickboxing is something special you see multiply styles moving at lightning speed with every strike imaginable being thrown with proficiency. AT Dynamite they lined a nice fight up between Jose Palacios and T.J Arcangel. I break them down and the bout to come down.

Jose Palacios is a quality fighter, he can be categorized as a orthodox southpaw fighter in boxing terms. He keeps a classic stance hands are always up and he leads with a leg kick if he’s getting hit or if he’s leading the hitting. He’s fundamental and safe there’s no pizzazz to his style. If you were to make a relation to a current and well known fighter it would be Juan Manuel Marquez. Why, because he doesn’t have the super athletics but he makes up for it with a tough chin a use of persist fundamentals. Hes basic in the good sense where he’s not looking to land some wild kick but would rather land the high percentage shot over and over again when you think he’s done. He’s a rough and tough grinding kickboxer. With that being said how do you beat the guy well you do it like Gabriel Varga with the tried and try kickboxing method. You attack him with volume and pressure and while he’s covering up from the volume you attack the body with all she’s got captain. When you have a guy like Jose who you can’t just put down with a big shot, because he sees it coming because he is fundamentally sound and trained to see every shot. So you attack the gas tank and not the chin once the body is weakened on Jose the fundamentals get slower and slower which opens up the head for the big shots if the body doesn’t break before that.

T.J. Arcangel the recent Glory pick up has zero fights in Glory but he is no scrub far from it it. If you follow the fight sport world you know that T.J is a devastating fighter. Hes coming off a loss that you could say was undeserved but that’s not the point. His style of fighting is very Thai inspired in a way, if you watch guys like Saenchai and Lerdsila he has that kind of hit and miss ability. He is like a boxer more so in his ghosting disappearing act but when he makes you miss know that a powerful strike is coming because of the mistake that was made. He’s very Thai in his offense approach though meaning he likes his sweeps and single shot attacks while staying light on that lead leg to be able to move and catch his opponents over extending while trying to tag him. The problem is the typical Thai style versus modern or Dutch style where the heavy leg kicks wont miss, and the single shots will be countered by a volume striker looking to land 4 and 5 strike combinations especially at this weight. His clinch and knee game is nice, the body kicks are great and his defense is elusive to say the least.We have a top flight fighter here and Glory picked him up which is a good move on there part to get him in with some great kickboxers.

How this fight can shake out is really reliant upon whether or not TJ can withstand the leg kicks that Jose loves to through at frequent pace. Along with if Jose can find TJ with his boxing or if TJ disappears and returns fire to the body of Jose early. It’s all up to whose style is pushed the most efficiently and soundly in technical application. Game plans are pretty much that for both men, and Glory’s hoping for a showdown between these two, which would add a spark for the lower weight classes and Glory as a whole for that matter.

-Stay Chill Folks and Family  


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