George Groves vs. Badou Jack

 Anthony_Dirrell_vs_badou_jack_HIGHLIGHTS  George_Groves_Spitfire

“Heavy Hitting Euros”

We have a battle between TKO technician George Groves versus a Mayweather Team product in Badou Jack, a technical power puncher. Both have a row of broken bodies left in their wakes, both figure out or adjust to whoever is in front of them within the first or fourth rounds and then dismantle their opponents. These guy share common ground when it comes to speed and some what in timing and a understanding of range in different aspects though. Common ground in uncommon ways is how I would compare the two.

This Super Middleweight bout breaks down in multiple way but because of certain tendencies in my opinion there are two very likely ways this shakes out. First both are very similar highly skilled boxers, fluid transitions from deception to offense and defense back to deception.

Groves has a very traditional stance and footwork wide bladed stance, allowing him to explode off the lead leg while still taking measured steps. Add to that a nice forward lean at times, his rear hand ready to parry, and a constantly level changing jab. Groves is a very crafty boxer with old skool mid 60’s late 70’s D-Town boxing skills. He However Groves has some bad tendencies he does get lazy with his hooks where he will throw them wide to loop around his opponent’s guard but this rarely works for him because he telegraphs the hook a lot. Instead of going to the body with the hooks and straight punches which he does brilliantly. An example of the latter came when Carl Froch caught him as he was throwing a wide left hook and before he could pivot to exit and get out the back door, Froch launched a right hand. He could have adjust from that and cleaned up his movement and his hook or tucking his chin deep to his chest when he goes wide. That’s something I’m sure he’s working on in his camp and will have cleaned up before this bout.

Badou Jack is a fundamentally proficient fighter with the ability to put anyone unconscious if he catches you making any mistakes. He is a midrange and pocket fighter allah Mayweather he can slip and rip form in tight and close that mid range or just stay in the mid range and box people up. He has a nice chin on him and can take a few bombs but would rather not. The bad tendencies come off his to drop his lead hand where he leaves himself open to the counter over top of his jab or just getting caught with a straight punch. For example Derek Edwards caught Badou Jack over the top after timing Jacks jab with a right counter. Both men have been stopped with a counter after going on a technical autopilot, in some peoples opinion getting lazy by dropping that lead to much similarly to Groves having his head straight up on his pivot exit.

What maybe the defining part of this fight is Badous comfort and ability to land in the mid range and in the pocket without getting hit. Likewise is Groves comfort level on the outside and in the pocket when he lands and exits. Thats going to be the key to who can control where the fight takes place. That’s my take on it, a powerful bout of european talent with styles mirroring 60’s and 70’s legends.

-Stay Chill Family and Folks     


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